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Ways to Increase the Speed of a Super Slow Android Phone

The speed of an Android phone is determined by a number of factors including the apps you have running and the hardware capabilities of the phone.

You need to understand the causes of slow speed to solve the problem, but many people don’t pay attention to the features included in their Android phones to understand what apps to run.

Clear cache data

The first suspect when your Android phone seems sluggish is to look at the cached data. Your apps continually cache data in small bits and this leads to a complex accumulation over time that eventually affects the speed of the phone.

It is even worse if the gadget has a low amount of storage space available and with this you would experience frequent crashes, which is something that might worsen your user experience.

Clearing cached data on your Android phone is a simple process. To do it, browse to the Settings of the phone and click on the Storage tab. Next click on Cached data and select OK.

This will help you clear all cached data to restore the functionality of your phone so you are able to enjoy different features and apps without experiencing delays and crashes. Doing so often will help you keep the speed of your phone at optimal levels ideal for different functions and usage.

Disable animations

Animations facilitate transitions and interactions and this means your operating system is made to appear more fluid.

Due to the processing power that is required to run the animations, your phone will allocate most of the processor space to running these animations, and this means other functions like running the apps you need will not have sufficient processor allowance to run smoothly.

To turn the animations off, navigate to the Settings section and click on the About Phone tab. You will then need to tap the Build Number tab 7 times and a message will pop telling you that you have activated developer options.

Go back to the settings section and click on Developer options and below you will see the Windows animations scale. Click and set to ‘Animation off’. This process effectively stops any animations you might not require from running and the extra processor space released is useful for speeding up your phone.

Remove apps you don’t need/bloatware

This is an operation of few seconds that will also be useful in speeding up your Android phone. You might be running several apps that you have never used or no longer need.

Most of them are pre-installed apps that you can remove whenever you want. It is also possible over time you have installed more apps that you don’t need or are not useful to your needs. If your Android phone is slowing down, this is one of the areas you need to look at.

Bloatware for Android - AndroGuru

These apps eat up on important space and this slows down the phone. Therefore, to get these apps off the phone head over to the Settings are and click on the Apps tab.

Click on the app you wish to uninstall and a window will open with options to either disable it or uninstall. Click uninstall and voila, you have just released the space consumed by the app.

Get rid of or reduce widgets

The Android operating system offers the widgets feature, which is amazing when you want to set different elements like weather on your home screen. But the biggest challenge about widgets is that some of them, especially those connected to the internet, have to keep updating constantly so you are given the right data.

This means there is need to have a lot of processing power released to accommodate the required continuous updates, and this is one of the reasons your phone might be slowing down.

If you have several of these widgets running, you might want to consider getting rid of several to restore the speed of your phone.

Removing widgets is an easy process as you only need to navigate to the one you want to remove then long press on it. You will see an option to remove the widget and a single click will do the job.

Restart your device

It also happens that if your device has been running for a long period of time without switching off, some background processes cumulatively eat up on the processor thereby slowing down the phone.

For example, you might have had your phone running for several days then it begins to slow down. In this case, you could begin by restarting the phone. When you switch the phone off, some background processes and apps are stopped. It will help to halt unnecessary tasks from running to give you the benefit of improved speed.

Optimize your data settings on browsers

About 90% of Android users rely on the Chrome browser to perform various tasks online. The browser comes with different data settings that you can adjust to achieve the efficiency you need.

For example, you could set the data saving mode of the browser to ensure it does not consume a lot of data. What data saving on Chrome does is that it compresses the pages you want to view up to 30% and 50% if it’s a video, and this means less data usage as well as faster browsing overall.

To apply these settings, head over to the Chrome browser and click on the overflow menu on the upper right corner of the browser.

Click on the Settings tab and click to switch on the data saver feature. This will give you a seamless browsing experience that will not slow your phone.

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