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Netflix has taken the Indian market by storm and is currently top of the list for video streaming apps in India by Revenue.

Netflix Tops List for Video Streaming Apps in India by Revenue

When you talk of Netflix, you talk about a video streaming platform that has been really wise in its decision making. Netflix has reaped unparalleled success across the globe when it comes to providing a wonderful video streaming experience to audiences. Netflix’s odyssey in India has been no different. The video application came to a developing Indian market, it saw and it conquered.

If reports from latest data sets are anything to go by, Netflix is enjoying a stellar time in India. The application has been topping the list of the best video streaming apps, based on revenue, for 18 months on the trot.

Such is the domination of the American streaming platform that it has left behind prominent performers such as Hotstar by Star India Pvt Ltd to garner audience interaction that video streaming applications have wet dreams of.

While Hotstar was launched in February 2015, Netflix entered the scene a year later in January 2016, with a subscription plan of around Rs.500/- per month. The video streaming service also has two other plans that are conveniently priced at Rs.650/- and Rs.800/-, in lieu of the services they give to the users. On the contrary, Hotstar has charged affordable rates from the masses.

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While all Indian content on Hotstar is priced for free, International content can be seen for as less as Rs.199/- per month.

The information has been provided by App Annie, which decided not to share the market share and total revenue of the companies. Jaede Tan, who is the regional director at App Annie, commented on the news a while ago, “We’re seeing that Indian users are becoming increasingly engaged with video streaming apps on the back of strong adoption of mobile devices and major improvements to cellular coverage. As greater device affordability will be the main driver of increased smartphone adoption and engagement, mobile data will continue to be the dominant mode of access for internet services, including video.”

Both Hotstar and Netflix have refrained from commenting on the insights presented by AppAnnie. While Netflix has consistently been leading the pack in the revenue category, Hotstar is on top when it comes to monthly active users.

Hotstar has definitely fared well when it comes to having the most users, because people in India have reacted well to their free Indian content and minimal charges for limited International content.

Overall, the market in India experienced a growth of 100% for the top five video streaming applications, during the first 6 months of this year.

This rate of growth is the first of its kind in the region and has all the stakeholders on their toes, expecting the rise to be consistent during the coming months.

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