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Top 10 Expensive Got to Have Luxury Gadgets of 2017

Expensive Luxury Gadgets to Get Your Hands On – 2017

When it comes to gadgets, you have many options to choose from. Since the world is starting to pay more attention to sustainability as well, the number of eco-friendly gadgets is also on the rise.

This is good news for anyone who loves gadgets and wants to be mindful of their economic impact at the same time. So, let’s check the best expensive luxury gadgets of 2017.

Biodegradable Laptop

You can actually find yourself a biodegradable laptop. Asus has a model called Bamboo U6V-B1, which is clothed in resilient, biodegradable bamboo wood trim.

The energy efficient innards reduce CO2 emissions and the laptop comes with rather nice specifications as well. 

Solar-powered Media Player

Would you like to have a device that plays music, movies, and video games, and which you can even use to read e-books? Get the eMotion EM-SOL2GIG from Media Street and you can do just that.

The pocket-size device uses solar energy to do all of the above things in style. You can even play classic GameBoy games with it.

Solar-powered Battery

There’s nothing worse than being on the road and having your phone run out of battery. But you don’t need to plug your gadgets into an electric outlet. You can actually harness the power of the sun.

Solar-powered batteries come in all shapes and sizes – even cool pocket sized version exists. So, get one now, especially if you like to travel a lot.

Portable Speakers

You might also want to listen to some music on the go. Now that it’s summer, there’s nothing better than spending time in the garden, listening to some summer music while taking care of the flowers.

House of Marleys has a great portable Chant Mini speaker, which is made from certified FSC bamboo, recyclable aluminium and plastic. It has a stylish cotton and canvas finish. It’s not just eco-friendly but also allows you to listen to crisp and clear-sounding music.

Solar-powered Security

Get the Ring Stick Up Cam with Solar Panel and you’ll have a more secure and eco-friendly home in a minute. The security system charges with the power of the sun and the camera will report you if something is wrong with your property.

For the camera to work all day, it just needs a few hours of sunlight. It’s a handy little accessory that makes staying safe sustainable.

Energy Efficient Home Monitor

The best sustainable gadgets are not just made with green ingredients, but they also help us live more eco-friendly. Nest is a great smart thermostat that uses a motion sensor to ensure you don’t need to worry about turning off heating and the AC.

It will turn the things on when it senses you return home and off when you leave. It even starts recognizing patterns and thus can ensure things are one right before you come home.

External Hard Drive

Another great luxury gadget for those that travel a lot or need more storage space, is the SimpleTech [re]drive external hard drive. The model is made from bamboo and recyclable aluminium.It’s super light to carry around and it comes with 500GB of storage space – plenty of room for videos, music or files.

Stylish Pendant

OK, so a pendant might not seem like a gadget, but the Mushlume Trumpet Pendant by Danielle Trofe Design is actually a rather luxurious eco-addition to any home. The lamp is fully organic and biodegradable.

The lamp is incredibly stylish and the non-toxic design makes it good for any home. You should also check out other work by Danielle Trofe – most of the work is cutting-edge in terms of sustainable products and would therefore fit any eco-friendly household.

Driving Assistance

If you are still driving a private vehicle, you might want to ensure you drive as environmentally friendly as possible. For this Automatic is the perfect tool.

The on-board diagnostic tool will monitor the way you drive and give you tips on how to be more fuel and energy efficient. You actually start saving money and producing less vehicle emissions. 

Trendy Mobile Phone

Nokia might not be the hottest kid on the mobile phone market, but if you’re willing to spend a bit of money, you can get a trendy mobile phone from them. The 3110 Evolve that’s out is constructed almost half from a renewable bio sourced plastic and it’s sold in an eco-friendly packaging to a large extent.

The phone even consumes nearly 95% less energy than those phones with a minimum Energy Star. A great phone to have – especially for those that love nostalgia.

With these luxury gadgets, you can add a bit of spice to your life. The gadgets make it easier to enjoy life’s little luxuries without forgetting how to be eco-conscious.

These gadgets either make it easier to be green or they have been made with sustainable resources. So, add a bit of green to your life right now.

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