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MoveIt for Android

Are there times when you want to accept some data from your colleague’s phone but avoid because your mobile storage is low ? 

Are you sick and tired of the storage transfer apps out there that consume a lot of your phone’s storage ? MoveIt for Android - Logo

For this week, let us bring to you one neat Android app out there on the Google Play Store that has amassed over 10,000 downloads in a couple of months along with being liked by a good amount of downloaders.

Presenting to you “MoveIt for Android” which is a file transfer Android application that has more to it’s name through the features. MoveIt allows you to easily transfer your images, videos and audio files to an SD card and vice versa.

It is known to support all Android devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

Isn’t that cool ? 

With this neat file transfer Android application you can transfer files, delete images, videos and audios whether they are in the phone’s internal storage our SD card.

We’re surprised to see that MoveIt resembles a lot of File Managers out there too.

MoveIt for Android is quite easy to use and does not require a lot of technical knowledge to function and use the app.

MoveIt for Android App - Android App Reviews

How easy is it to use MoveIt ?

First, you have to choose the storage from which you want to transfer files. Thereafter, the app will show your files separately sorted out date-wise.

Next, you have to select all the media you want to transfer.

Third, you have to select the path and press Move.

Lastly, the app will transfer all the media to the path selected with a success prompt on completion.

What is unique about MoveIt ?

The built-in free to use feature of Auto Transfer is pretty neat too. With the help of Auto Transfer, you can transfer your media to the SD Card automatically without even opening the app.

In order to use the Auto Transfer feature of MoveIt you have to Enable it once and then choose the default path from which you want your files to be automatically transferred from and then select the path where you want your files to get transferred to.

Leading with an example, if you choose your Music Folder which is in the Internal Storage, then whenever you load any music to the folder it will automatically get transferred to the SD Card location that you selected.

The next app-laudable feature is the Inbuilt Cleaner that helps clean unwanted files such as junk files, temporary files, thumbnails, cache, etc which will free up a lot of space on your phone.

There’s more ! Wait….

The Internal Storage and SD Card Media Scanner can help you find all the hidden files which are not displayed and sometimes not even displayed by a File Browser.

All you have to do is choose from Internal Storage or SD Card and the Media Scanner will do the rest.

MoveIt for Android Detailed Features : 


Move files using their name or the folder in which they are present in. A simple search in the internal or external storage.

Media Player 

Media can be viewed before initiating the transfer so that you are sure what exactly you are shifting from storage’s.


Get rid of unwanted media and temporary unwanted files in order to clean up the phone storage.

Simple User Interface

Easy and simple UI to effortlessly transfer, delete, scan files using the Android app.

New Folder

Folders can be created on-the-go in seconds to manage and document your data for better navigation.

Multi Select

Bulk transfers can be done from one storage to another within few seconds or minutes.

Large Media

There is no limitation to file sizes when initiating a transfer.

Sorted Media

Media is sorted date-wise for easy retrieval and search.

Media Manager

The quick Media Manager allows you to view and play with your media files just like a File Manager.


We can say MoveIt for Android aims to differentiate itself from other apps in the same domain. Along with the size of the Android app being just about 5MB to 6MB it will not occupy a huge amount of space, it is a Free mobile application for your Android.

The team out there at MoveIt is surely planning on some awesome updates to make the whole experience of transfer, scan, file accessibility much better along the way.

The app could be better if there were no ads popping up every now and then and we are sure the team is going to do something about it.

Surely, it was a good idea of them to think of to have a lot of features in this app that actually replace some apps on our smartphone.

Download : MoveIt for Android

Let us know what you think about it as the team is glued to the comments section….

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