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Richer Keyboard experience for Chromebooks with Android O - AndroGuru

Richer Keyboard experience for Chromebooks with Android O

Richer Keyboard experience for Chromebooks with Android O - AndroGuru

Using Android Apps on Chromebooks has not been as easy task. We know the introduction of the Play Store to Chromebooks is brewing which means that it will not be long before developers will begin trying to smoothen out the bumps along the road to due to app compatibility. The lack of basic keyboard support in the apps is perhaps one of the biggest bumps as per me. 

With Android O the problem of keyboard navigation on Chromebooks will be tackled. This will be done by adding a standard for arrow and tab functions in Android. Dave Burke (VP of Engineering ) mentioned that Android is trying to create harmony between Chromebooks and Play Store Apps.

Apps were all designed for your smartphone. So when a keyboard comes into the picture, then I would expect some kinks here and there. In order to make a more comfortable and natural feel when using Apps on the Chrome OS, Android will create a basic platform for keyboard functions that will allow app developers to customize features.

Millions of users are used to certain keyboard layouts when it comes to their computer systems whereas gamers prefer a standard layout, unless the new one is revolutionary, but that takes some time to get used to too! It lies in the hands of the developers to tweak this support for their apps.

It is still a blur as to how much control users will have over functions, but if the users would have a similar experience as they currently do with the Android Apps, it would be a good thing.

We are still awaiting the release of the Play Store in late April 2017 with the introduction of Chrome OS 58. Marshmallow or Nougat? This remains a mystery. How long before we see Google O on a Chromebook? Well, we will just have to wait and see now, won’t we?


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