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Android apps you need to have in June 2016

The new edition of Android apps is out and I have picked out some really cool apps that you need to have in June 2016. Let us take a look at what is new and how you can make your smartphone even cooler and smarter.


The must have apps this June



This is an app that will allow you to send and respond to messages without opening an app. This is one feature that is now becoming quite the trend and if you use Whatsapp you will surely know that you can do it now from this app. Also, Android N allows you to reply straight from your lockscreen. Now, I am sure that a true blue tech junkie will be unable to wait for this functionality to come to other apps; this is where quickReply comes into help you.

qucikReply works really well with some of the most popular messaging apps like Skype, Telegram, Kik etc. Although, SMS functionality still needs to be integrated properly. This is an app which will let you reply to your messages without stopping what you are doing currently.


Now respond to messages easily with quickRespond

Spaces – Small group sharing

This is the new app for social networking/messaging from Google. Now a lot of you might have tried to ignore it because it is a social app made by Google, but I will advice you that you should check it out and I am sure that you are going to like it a lot.

Spaces is all about group sharing and is far away from large networks with hundreds of friends and followers. With Spaces you can keep it all small scale and share pictures, YouTube videos, post links and have conversations with a close group of your friends.

Spaces works exactly as any other messaging app but it is a bit different as it houses a fresh material design as well as a different format. This is one app that is created for group conversations.

Small-group- sharing

Spaces- share and message your close friends


Here you have an app that allows you to explore communication in the best manner possible. When you use GIFs you are motivated to pay attention to subtitles of animation as well as the power of short-form storytelling. With GIFs you can enhance the art of messaging.

Before May Giphy was available as an extension of Messenger, but now it is available to smartphone users as a standalone app. This means you now get more GIF goodness for everyone. And I am sure that some of you also like to see cats doing backflips.

This app has separate versions for web as well as smartphone. The Giphy app works similarly as the web version and allows you to search and discover GIFs that meet your needs. You can choose what you like and share it via Twitter, Messenger, Facebook or email.


You have Giphy for all your GIF needs


Map for Game of Thrones

I am sure that you love your Google Maps as well as other Maps apps like Here Maps or Waze. I am here to introduce to you an app which is going to be your new favourite app – the map of Westeros.

This is an app that will help you understand the geography of the seven kingdoms even better. If you have been wondering about the relation between the Iron Islands to Banefort, this app is going to explain it all to you.


Use the map of Westeros to know the fastest way to Volantis


As the name suggests this is an app which works as movie database combining cinema listings, information about the cast and crew as well as reviews of movies on Rotten Tomato and IMDb. This is a great app for movie buffs and is extremely easy to use. A must have for someone who gets overwhelmed by the information found on something like IMDb.


Cinematics – for all the movie buffs out there


Eat This Much

I am sure the name says it all. This is an app to help you plan your daily meals. All you need to do is give in your weekly budget, diet goals and the kind of food you like and voila- Eat This Much will take care of your meal plans.

However, let me tell you that the set up will require manual setting but once you are done with that, the app will provide you recipes and tips that help you achieve your aim.


Eat This Much – Plan your diet the tech way

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