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Bored? – Try these top 5 apps to slay it

We tech junkies have one thing in common – we get bored pretty easily and pretty soon. We always need something to keep us as well as our brains busy. This is why I have here a few apps that will help you all to slay your boredom in the most exciting manner possible. These apps will help you kill time and they are no time wasters either.

And as I always say – you can thank me later.


This is an app that will give you daily quote on a contemplative background.  You also get a list of the most popular quotes which you can scroll through at your leisure. In fact you can even customize the font, the background as well text colour of your favourite thought and share it with your friends or even better –use it as your background. There is a special heart shape button that allows you to save your favourite quotes to a dedicated page.


Customize your favourite quote whichever way you like and then share it with friends

Today’s Word and VoLT

While you are waiting for the lift or standing in line for your coffee, your Word of the day is there for you on your smartphone. All you need to do is set a time and you will get a daily notification from the app followed with a word and definition. Just give the word a glance, think about it a little bit, store it in your memory and now enter the lift or order your coffee.

The words that you received from the previous 30 days are stored on a separate page and you can save words you particularly like or wish to return to.


Today’s Word – Build your vocabulary in a leisurely fashion

VoLT also helps you in building your vocabulary but in a deeper manner. You can swipe through cards offering definition as well as cards with memory key, usage examples as well as selection of synonyms and antonyms to see how much your brain can store.  You can store these word cards for later use or even share them with friends if you like.

Build your vocabulary

Get visual cues with VoLT to help you remember new words


With this app you can make your free time a place discovery. All you need to do is select a few areas of your interest and viola – the app will give you images, videos, articles and a lot more that you can easily swipe through, like or even dislike or simply save or share with your friends. This app is great for times when you do not know when you will be interrupted because StumbleUpon allows you to zip through material at your pace while allowing you to save any of the longer or more interesting bits for later.


StumbleUpon – offers a variety of interests as well as easy way to share content


Now here is something to help you learn a new language in your idle time. This is a free memorization tool which tries to insert words as well as phrases into your long-term memory using cards with prompts. These cards are called Mems by the app and they help you remember stuff. The app also offers you a variety of test modes to help you revise what you have covered. You can take these tests once you have covered a few words or phrases.

Memrise comprises of almost 100 languages. Apart from languages you also get other things like art, literature, history, geography, JavaScript and the list goes on. All I can say is that the offered list is extremely extensive.


Memrise – learn some great things from different languages

Slide for Reddit

If you are a true blue tech junkie like me then you will know the time-killing potential Reddit has to offer. Recently an official Reddit app was launched but I am still in love with Slide for browsing. The name makes it obvious that the app works through slide gestures. With Slide you work through slide gestures and access menus from the side of the screen. You can easily flick through different subreddits with a simple swipe gesture from the very centre of the screen. The app is extremely smooth and stylish to look at. It also offers you customization options which allow you to change the colours of different subreddits.


Slide – a favourite of mine and one of many apps from Reddit

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