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Change the Android font to look like your own handwriting

As you already know and it is kind of obvious given what I write that I love Android. There are a lot of reasons as to why I am a super fan of Android but the one thing that recently made me fall even deeper was the fact that you can use your own handwriting for all Android menus, app names as well as WhatsApp conversations. I can see your excitement mounting so let us not wait any longer. Set yourself up with a black marker and a printer and you are ready to make your Android even more personal.

Now before we embark on this very exciting journey, let me tell you certain things – changing every individual character on your device is a task that is rarely done and when you do so, certain privileges are required.  Most of you tech junkies should know that the system font is stored within the device’s system files and in cases where you need to modify these; you need to have root permissions.

Apart from that, you also need Xposed Framework installed on your handset. With the help of this you can use the module which allows you to achieve this amazing trick.


Xposed Framework – the first component required for serious Android customization

Digitize your handwriting – How to go forward with the process

When you need to use your own handwriting as a font on your device, the first thing that you need to do is give it a reference point.  My Script Font is an online tool that can help you with this process. You can easily download it and it is available in PNG as well as PDF format.

You will need to be really careful while you fill in the template, also avoid the below given guidelines shown in each box. Try and be true to your normal handwriting and write each and every letter as you write it every day.

I advise you to use a black marker pen with a fine-tip. This type of marker gives you great visibility as well as versatility, moreover you cannot use a thicker pen for these boxes as they are small and the pen can be unwieldy. In case you want a better finish use a pencil first and then go over it again with pen.


Staying in the boxes is important

When you are done with your letters all filled out beautifully, you will scan it at a decent resolution.  If you want to scan this document with your smartphone you can do that easily with the help of an app like Tiny Scanner.

Once you are done with the above task and have the image file saved, navigate back to My Script Font to upload it. You will now need to give it a name and then hit start. After the processing is finished, you will get a sample of the text and below you will have a link to help you download it which will look like your file name. You need to download this to a location which is memorable for you.

Now you will need to change the Android system font and to do that you will first install the iFont (Expert of fonts) module with the Xposed Installer app. You should be ready to grant a lot of permissions when you install it because if you really want to use this feature you will have to accept them.

Now before you go ahead with changing your Android font, I will advise you to make a backup copy of the original system typeface. You can do this in the iFont module at My>Factory Font>Backup font section.


Navigate to your saved .ttf file

You will go to your iFont module and then navigate to My>My Font.  Take a look at the image above and you will click the red ‘click this’ area on the following page. You will now go to the location of the .ttt file that you saved earlier. Now select it and when it is loaded all you need to do is tap ‘Set’.

Your smartphone will probably restart and then you will see your own handwriting in the text.

Finally go to Settings>Display>Font Size – you can even increase or decrease the size to your liking.



  The settings menu (left) and app drawer (right)

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