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All you need to know about Google Play Services

Guys and girls let us be honest – as much as we all love our Androids, the occasional errors, blips and hang-ups do make us mad. Now if you would have noticed that most of these problems with your Android are related to Google Play Services and most of the time we have no idea as to what the problem is exactly or why it is even there-we even wish for Google Play services to vanish. However, let me tell you that Google Play Services is indispensable. This is why I decided to go on with this write-up and help you understand what Google Play Services is all about and how it is so important.

Defining Google Play Services

Let me first dispose off a very common myth or may be a misunderstanding as you will call it – Google Play Services is not an application. You must have noticed that nothing happens when you try to open it. But it is present in every Android device by default.  Moreover, you will keep receiving regular updates and even if you never admit it but I know that you get impressed by the number of permissions it requires all the time. From access to log data, access to and control over SMS to access to all information from Google applications- everything goes with Google Play Services.

If your mind is still reeling from all the technicalities I used above, then let me break it down for you and make it simpler – Google Play services is an application which is linked very closely to the Android system itself.

In fact Google Play Services is a pack of APIs which simply put are things that help programmers as well as allow apps to easily communicate with other apps. In fact it makes sure that fewer apps are dependent upon Android OS updates to run.


Google Play Services – still a mystery to many

Google Play Services- What does it do?

I am a big fan of Google play services and believe that it is a representative of a minor smartphone revolution. For instance, in the past Google Maps was updated when the Android was updated, before Google Play Services came into being and the whole process was tedious at best (what with carriers and manufacturers being slow when it comes to rolling out updates). Now, things are different and you do not have to wait for frustrating amount of time for Google Maps update because it is done automatically through Google Play Services.


Just like Chrome, Google apps are updated through Google Play Services

This particular feature means that Google Play Services gives your smartphone a boost through the latest versions of application without upgrading to the latest version of Android.

In a nutshell, this means from Android 2.2, any version of Android can now benefit and enjoy apps and features that are completely independent of updates to the OS. This is a means through which fragmentation of any type can be fenced and it is ensured that as many users as possible can continue to enjoy Android in a hassle free manner.

Is disabling an option with Google Play Services

You all know that applications that are present on Android by default cannot be uninstalled. However, disabling them is still an option. In order to do this, you will go to Settings>Applications>All>Google Play Services>Disable.


It is possible to disable Google Play Services, but it is not advised. / © ANDROIDPIT

If the Disable checkbox is grayed out, then you have to carry out an intermediate step: go to Settings > Security > Device administrators and disable the Android Device Manager.

In order to disable Google Play Services, you will need to disable Android Device Manager


However, let me warn you that disabling Google Play Services will have a huge impact on your applications with apps related to Google not functioning properly or possibly at all.

Why does it consume battery?

It is true – Google Play Services does consume almost five to ten percent of your battery. However, there have been cases where it is known to have gobbled up 80-90 percent of the battery. The problem of battery drainage is a common one and it usually occurs after an Android OS update.

The most likely reason is an incompatibility issue between your Android version and that of Google Play Services.


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