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WhatsApp Update – What all is new

You all know what a big fan I am of WhatsApp and this is why I always keep my eyes and ears open for any new update and features that come out for WhatsApp.  I am very happy to inform all of my fellow tech junkies that the latest update for WhatsApp has been announced and if I believe the reports, 5 new features are going to be part of this new update. Now some of these features are new while others will be migrated from the beta version. So sit tight and keep on reading to get all the dirt on these new features on WhatsApp.

Use and view bold, italic and strikethrough text

This is a feature that WhatsApp has migrated from the beta version of WhatsApp. Now users can use as well view italic, bold and strikethrough text. This text will be available to users with special characters namely: *bold*, _italics_ and strikethrough~.


From beta to final – rich text formatting

Apart from this WhatsApp will now allow you to reply to messages within a notification quickly. You will now be able to set block colours as your chat backgrounds and you will get the option to delete, archive or mute multiple chats at once. Finally, you will now be able to browse your camera roll in a chat window by a quick tap to the camera button.

WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption on all its platform

We all know that things have been moving on break neck speed in the world of tech security. This why becoming a part of the encryption pool is a step that is inevitable. We all know about the controversy regarding the fall out between Apple and FBI over an iPhone that belonged to one of the gunmen of the San Bernardino tragedy and we also know that the entire tech world stood united on the issue. Taking cue from this particular episode, WhatsApp has now expanded its end-to-end encryption across all its platforms. This encryption means that almost everything is covered from video calls and voice calls  to chats involving multiple people.


The screenshot demonstrate how communications will now be encrypted

This step is a great one for WhatsApp users as now users will have extremely strong protection.  Let us not forget that this end-to-end encryption is for one billion people, which is a feat in itself. Rejoice as WhatsApp will not allow any unencrypted message to be sent from its platform.

Option to document sharing, link copying and granular chat clearing added to WhatsApp

This is a new feature that will allow users to copy a link by simply long pressing on the link. In the older version of WhatsApp, copying link was a nuisance because you could not do it simply but first you had to copy the entire message within which the link was contained and then you had to paste it and edit it down to the link.  Now you can achieve that by simply long pressing.

Document sharing is also very easy now while you are in a conversation. All you have to do is press the paperclip then Document and you can choose the file you wish to share.

I am sure you are already very excited but let me add to your excitement- a new tab has also been added on the media page for conversation. This tab will contain history of every document that has been shared in a group conversation or group chat.


Settings screen gets a makeover

I am particularly very happy about this update, the Settings menu of WhatsApp needed a shakeup for some time now.  The happy news is that the changes are not just aesthetic but are intuitive as well. Let me give you an example, Data Usage now has its own top-level option while  Account has been moved to the top of the list. Moreover, your picture on the profile page will now appear in a circle and not in a square like it was displayed in the older version. Also, the Payment Info option has been dropped from the menu completely.


 New Settings menu as opposed to the old one

The new update comes with new emoji, Google Drive backups and more

These features have been in the past sent to a large number of devices but now WhatsApp has finalize the addition, which simply put means that WhatsApp will now have over 100 new emoji as well as Google Drive chat log backups. The new version will provide support to Tagalog, Kazakh, Marathi and Malayalam languages.

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