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Spice up your life with these cool apps

We tech junkies are called junkies for a reason, we get bored with the usual quite easily and quickly and we need something new and exciting to keep us functioning normally. We are tech savvy people and new apps and tech innovations are the high that keep us on the edge all the time. If you are feeling uninspired lately like me and you feel your life is stuck in a rut then maybe I can help you get back to your normal cheerful self. What I have here is a list of apps that can help you get back to your spontaneous, aspiring self. And as I always say – you can thank me later.

Shuffle My Life

This is an app that was created to end boredom.  This app gives user various tasks to perform depending upon the weather and the location of the user. These tasks are really varied in nature and you can be asked to perform brief exercises one time while the other you will be expected to perform a small act of kindness. However, one thing about these activities will remain the same – they will all be fun, spontaneous and designed to alleviate boredom and reinvigorate your life.

The best thing about Shuffle My Life is that it pushes you to become a better person, as you keep on doing tasks, you also climb the skill ladder which means you get more demanding tasks with every successful one you complete.

Shuffle-My- Life

Shuffle My Life- example of a task that it might present you with

Field Trip

Technology while making our life convenient has always faced a lot of flak from all of us as it is always blamed to detach humans from reality and dissolving the beauty of discovery. This is why Field Trip is a great app for those who look for a balance and an alternate vision. Field Trip allows you to reinstate the art of serendipity through technology which will be a refreshing change from a trip that is thoroughly researched from TripAdvisor and the routes are planned on Google Maps. Field Trip uses your location and sends you prompts and notifications when you get near a place of interest. These places can range from being cultural, historical to culinary.

This is a great app to have when you are in a foreign city as well as at home. You can explore and discover a lot of new things that you might have missed otherwise.


Field Trip – provides you information on nearby places of interest


This app started out as a way to get wake up calls from strangers, Wakie has expanded his horizons and became something much larger and deeper. This does not mean it has lost its primary function- no sir.  The purpose with which it was created remains intact, which means that you still get a call at a certain time to wake you up from an unknown foreigner. However, you can now choose or create your own topics to field calls from strangers around the world.

You can now discuss a plethora of topics ranging from food, love life or memories to talk about you can even have someone cheer you up. This is an app that works like your comfort pillow- never leaving you alone.


Walkie – create your own topics or choose a list of ideas to talk about it with a stranger  

Today’s Word

This is a great app to help you improve your vocabulary in a simple and effortless manner. All you have to do is set a notification time in the settings and voila you will be presented with a word of the day from Today’s Word. Today’s Word sends you words that are unusual and lesser known which means it is a fun tool that can be built upon however you like. You can really make use of this app to expand your vocabulary by using your new word into conversation ten times a day or use it in emails. At the end of the month you can check how many words and their meanings you can recall by simply using the apps history pages. You can even star your favourite words for longevity.

Today’s Word – Expand your word power



Now this is an app that we all know as the mighty dating app and no one can deny that it is a great way to make your life more interesting. You get to swipe and see who will swipe the same way as you. You can chat and even go on a date. You have nothing to lose and everything to play for.

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