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Moto G 4 (2016) – All you need to know

All my fellow tech junkies rejoice as the fourth generation Moto G (2016) is all set to release this year. Moto G is Motorola’s most popular smartphone and therefore speculation about it is already rife which is expected. The press invite from Moto G (2016) suggested that the new set was all set to release on May 17. Now let me tell you all the dirt I could gather on Moto G (2016) regarding its press release, specs, release date and rumours.

Release date and price
We all know that Motorola send out invites for a press event it is holding on May 17 in New Delhi, India. As of now, there are no details on the press event but I can assume with some confidence that this event is specifically to launch the Moto G (2016) as well as Moto G plus (rumours suggest that this will feature an enhanced 16 MP camera.


Invite to the press event in New Delhi May 17

The Moto G (2015) for 8 GB was listed at the price of US$179. But there is a trend with Motorola that they increase the price gradually with every new model. This is why I am expecting this new set to cost around US$ 200-250.
My assumption seems to be going in the right direction as a leak from WinFuture suggests that the price will start at 239 EUR which is about $270 for the basic model and the plus model will go for $278 to $315. The plus model is said to be packed with a 16 MP rear camera which is a huge upgrade from the base model’s 13 MP snapper.

The announcement from Qualcomm stated that mid-range phones will now contain Snapdragon 430 processors in 2016. Moto G is a mid range phone and therefore I am guessing that it will use the above mentioned processor. We all know that Moto G 3 used Snapdragon 410 chipset and it worked really well so I am sure that the new phone will also be a success.

The Moto G 3 had a 5 inch display with 720p resolution (294 ppi). According to me Motorola will go for a display improve which will mean that you can safely expect a bigger size screen that can have a resolution of 1,080p. Now I have the leak photos but they are not clear enough for me to make out the display material but I am assuming that it is gorilla glass just like the 2015 edition.

The leaked photo that I have shared with you people will show a sleek design that is quite similar to Moto G 3. However, the camera seems to be higher up the back of the phone as compared to the last model in the series.
Now the placement of the logo is not clearly visible in the picture but in the darker phones you can see that it is below the camera just like the last edition. The logo does not seem to have any indentation which is a modification from the last model and the surface also appears to be smoother with a slight sheen to it.

The new Moto G seems to have brighter colours and smoother surface

The photo also suggests that the new smartphone will be available in brighter shades alongside the darker versions.

I also got my hands at a leaked photo from Weibo that were picked up by Ars Technica and these were claimed to be pictures of Moto G (2016) up close. The picture shows off a smartphone that is rounded at the edges dispensing with speaker cutouts on the top and bottom of the Smartphone’s front panel. The picture also shows a finger print scanner below the screen which is square and rounded at the corners.

The unsurprising part of the device is of course the camera unit which is at the rear of the device. The new things are two holes above the lens that according to me is an additional sensor or a laser autofocus or colour spectrum sensor.
Images supposedly showing the new Moto G (2016)

According to it was stated by the Head of Mobile at Lenovo, which is the parent company of Motorola that all the Moto phones in 2016 will be launched to public equipped with finger print scanner. If this is true then even the lowest model of Moto G will have a finger print scanner. This is great news as finger print was thought to be reserved for the higher-end Moto X previously.

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