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All You Need to Know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6

If I am to believe all the rumours swirling aroud the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note series, then it looks all set to provide some real surprises to the users. If the rumors are true than we are expecting a laptop hybrid device which is loaded with a ton of memory – all this is based on leaks and rumours, of course. I have collected everything that I could find about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6  – the release date, specs, price and rumours and I have it all for you here. As I always say- you can thank me later.

Release date

One thing that I am pretty sure about is that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be released this year. The source from Samsung who wants to remain anonymous, released some new information that stated the Note 6 was all set to launch in August in UK.

The news was further confirmed when SamMobile came up with a list of Galaxy Note 6 model numbers on Twitter. Moreover, on April 15, Weibo also posted model numbers for the Note 6. The list is posted below:


Check out the European model right at the bottom

Reports, from a Korean website The Bell, stated that Samsung was planning to launch Note 6 in July which is earlier than expected. The report also suggests that it will be running on Android N.


Galaxy Note 6- Out in July?


All the rumours surrounding the Galaxy Note specs and features are quite interesting. Patently Mobile came up with a dug up of Samsung patent according to which the Note 6 phablet is seen perched in a laptop dock.  The picture suggests that the new device works not only as a touchpad but also as the laptop’s processor and memory. Now, if Samsung is actually going to pull this off then it will actually need a powerful machine.

The patents also goes on to display that the Note 6 once docked will be running with Windows software. This suggests that Samsung is planning to have the Note 6 run Android in its standard setup as a tablet, whereas when set to laptop it will switch to Windows.

I am sure that Note 6 will pull off the dual nature with ease as this is one series that has always been successful in multi-tasking and productivity and has always been packed with power to handle all the strain.


The Samsung patent displaying the main system and docking area

S Pen stand

The reports also suggest that the new Note 6 will come loaded with a Galaxy Note Pen that will also work as a stand. The pictures below suggest that the pen stand could be locked back in two different ways.

Note-6-will-come loaded

The design shows the Galaxy Note 6 Pen patent as a kickstand The image shows off an alternative stand method

Galaxy-Note-6- Pen

Curved Display

Rumours suggest that Samsung is currently swinging between two variants of Samsung Note 6; a 5.8-inch curved-display version and a 5.8-inch flat-display version- both with 4,000 mAh batteries and QHD resolution. Although, it is reported that only one of the two models will go into final production.


Rumour One

The first leak comes from Weibo and is quite impressive even going into the territory of being too good to be true. The device according to this leak will see the screen size increased to 5.8 inches, it will be a slim RGB AMOLED display. The report also suggests that the Note 6 will bear a 6 GB RAM.


Rumour two

Now on April 12, the Chinese leak site Weibo again came up with specifications rumours for Note 6. The most important specification leak was one that reported Note 6 to have an advanced version of the Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 823. Another thing that caught my eye was the rumour that the new Note 6 will have 8 GB RAM. The leak also shows a 25 MP camera which is a whopping number.


Now we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 sports a price tag that is as high as US$850. The Samsung Galaxy Note line has always been high-end and it is obviously going to remain that with the new Note 6.  The rumours and the patent also suggest that the new device plans to be a phone that is powerful enough to function as a laptop, which means that it will require major spec boost and that also means that the price will also rice accordingly.

Samsung-Galaxy- Note-5

Note 5 is pricey given that it is a fabulous phone and we can expect the same from Note 6

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