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Uninstalling preinstalled Android apps

The smartphones of today come loaded with a lot of tech goodies and these also include certain preinstalled apps. However, not every preinstalled app will be of use to you. This is why removing apps that you do not want or need is always an intelligent thing to do because it helps in freeing up storage space in your phone as well as improve the performance of your device. I know what many of your are thinking. Preinstall app cannot be uninstalled. Well, let me tell you that the process is bit complicated but at the end of it, you will be able to remove these preinstall apps from your device.

The first thing that you need to know is that the apps you cannot unistall simply are called bloatware . You just need to keep reading on and I will help you remove, delete , disable or at the very least help you hide the preinstall apps and bloatware. And yes, you can thank me later.

Disabling bloatware

Your smartphone will have a number of apps that are not in active use yet consume resources. They just sit there at leisure and take up space in your app drawer. However, a lot of you may not know this but since Android 4.0 there has been the option of disabling apps.


The app listing is on the right and Settings menu is on the left

To disable an app, go to Settings>Apps>Applications.  Most of the phones that I have been through have three tabs: Download, Running and All.  When you tap on this or tap on the app you will see that some of these apps can be uninstalled.  The apps that are easily uninstalled are the ones that you have downloaded yourself. The others like the Setting app are not open to uninstalling as they play crucial role in the proper running of your Android. Now, if there is an app that does not fall in the above mentioned categories can usually be disabled. (given that these are not on a protected system partition).


Phones have or do not have the option to uninstall or disable an app

Apps like the TalkBack app in the screenshots is one that you can disable, however you will also see that an option to Uninstall updates is also visible, and that will reset the app to its factory state.


The uninstall updates option will take the app back to its factory state

In case you are using a third-party app for emails, you can make it disappear. Before you uninstall an app you need to remember that the system warns you that some of the functions may not work properly afterwards – these are the applications that depend upon the app in question to function normally.

In case you have changed your mind about a particular app you can always go back to the app list and reverse the process. The app list will have every application listed even when it is invisible in the app drawer.

Let me explain this to you by taking up some popular smartphones like Samsung. Let us take a look at the Galaxy S6, which by the way is a bloated machine when it comes to apps.

Deactivating or deleting Samsung’s preloaded apps

Go to the app drawer, tap Edit, you will see minus sign besides the given apps at the top-right of the screen:

  • Memo
  • Calculator
  • Samsung Gear
  • S Voice
  • Maps
  • Chrome
  • You Tube
  • Play Store
  • Dropbox
  • Peel Smart Remote
  • Micrsoft apps
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • S Health


Samsung only provides the disable option for many preinstalled apps

When you select the minus sign, you will see the selected app no longer in the background. You will also stop receiving any updates which also stops unnecessary drain on resources.

Deleting pre-installed apps

You can root your Galaxy S6; provide you are not worried about voiding your warranty and losing your Samsung Pay. This process will help you uninstall an app completely.  ROOT or System app remover will help you do that but you need to understand that this might result in a number of other apps not functioning properly.

Disabling or removing Google apps

The apps that you can safely remove are:

Sound Recorder
Voice Dialer
Video Studio

When you disable an app, it will disappear from the app drawer. This also means the concerned app will not run in the background and you no longer receive updates. Moreover, as I mentioned earlier any app that is dependent on the disabled app will stop working.


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