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Android Smartphones That Will Work Beautifully as Substitutes for iPhones

My current phone is not an iPhone but I have used it in the past and this is why I know everything about the strengths this device has. I can completely understand why this phone has the insane fan base. However, the price bracket it falls in makes it not so user friendly. This is why I have come up with a list of alternatives on Android to the current range of iPhones.  And as I always say – You can thank me later.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

 This is by far the best susbstitute for iPhone SE. One area where iPhone has always oushined Android is in the ‘compact size’ arena. If you are looking for a cool, good Android phone that is small in size you will find your search a hard work. Finding an Android phone with less than 5-inch display is a task that is futile.

This is where Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is an anomaly.  It is an excellent smartphone and a high powered device packed in a small body.  Let us see how it fairs against the iPhone SE.

When you hold Xperia Z5 compact in your hand you will feel that it is bigger despite the body being marginally taller and wider. This smartphone excels in battery life and camera tech.  The main camera comes pack with a huge 23 megapixels resolution and a superfast auto focus.  The phone comes all loaded with the savviest of specs like a fingerprint sensor and water-resistant body. To top it all off, the biggest advantage of course is the price.


At 4.6 inches, Z5 compact is only slightly bigger than iPhone SE

Right now the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is listed for US$445 (32 GB internal memory). Compare it with IPhone SE cost of US$ 518.99 (16 GB version) you will definitely see the advantage of buying the former. Moreover, this phone also supports microSD cards.

Huawei Mate 8

This is perfect as a substitute for iPhone 6s Plus. Huawei Mate 8 is many a time called the perfect phablet by lovers as it is big, powerful and loaded with a huge battery.

The dimensions of both the phones-give and take a few millimetres’ is almost similar. However, the Full-HD, 6 inch screen of the Mate 8 actually appears even more impressive then iPhone.

The display of Mate 8 takes up 78 percent of the whole body while the 5.5 inch Full-HD display of the iPhone makes up for 68 percent of the body. The difference on paper may not appear to be much but when you are viewing something live on the phone, the bigger screen area of Mate 8 means that the phone gives you better ‘cinematic’ feel, which also makes it perfect to watch videos and viewing media.


The Mate 8’s 4,000 mAh battery is one of its major selling points

Mate 8 has an overall premium feel about it with a brushed metal body that weighs 185 grams. The phone is 12 grams heavier than the iPhone 6 Plus but let us not forget that it also provides a larger battery.  The Mate 8 with 4000mAh worth of battery is almost a third larger than that of the iPhone 6S Plus. Moreover, it provides microSD card support which sadly Apple device do not.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Another great substitute for iPhone 6S, in fact it is the most obvious one as Samsung always comes up with the best alternatives for iPhones. Now, we all know that Galaxy S7 was considered the best Android phone in the world earlier this year. And all the reviews do concede to the fact that the Samsung flagship matches and even exceeds the capabilities of the iPhone 6S.

We all know that Samsung always delivers on display quality and S7 is no exception. The S7’s QHD resolution screen makes it larger and better than iPhone 6S. If you are still not convinced-which I doubt highly, let me remind you that S7’s hardware as well as design are big on quality and free from any compromise, the camera is stronger than what iPhone offers, it is water-resistant, microSD compatible and most importantly it is cheaper.


The Galaxy S7 – the best smartphone in the world

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