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Umi Touch – A smart purchase or not?

Umi Touch has gain popularity amongst the tech savvy population and I believe that it deserves all the accolades. This device is extremely pocket friendly with a price tag of $150 and is available for the masses easily as oppsed to other similarly-equipped devices. This write-up is all about Umi-Touch as I wanted to know whether it actually is a solid daily driver with great specs or its just another device that is good only on paper. Let us begin the investigation.

Price and Release date

Umi Touch is now available worldwide via Ali Express as an import device at the price of $150. Now in case you prefer Amazon then you can easily buy the phone from there although it is available to you at the price of $187 on the site.

One thing that made Umi Touch popular this quickly was the simple fact that it is considerably cheaper than other devices with the same specs. For example, Honor 5X is a phone that is almost similar to Umi Touch but it costs about $50 more. Moreover, it is not as fancy as Umi Touch which is another strike against the former. But for now let’s leave it at that because I will go through every aspect one by one and then make a final judgement-what can I say, I am honest.

Build quality and design

Now I have seen Umi Touch up close and personal and I have used it too and let me tell you it is very chic from its front profile.  The silvery edge frame is good and ideally it should transition seamlessly all thanks to 2.5D glass. Sadly that is not the case and the transition is bumpy to say the least.


The transition could have been smoother

The front looks chic while the back is plain and the unibody that is cobalt-nickel is limited to three colours – gray, silver and gold.  The antennas are camouflaged with plastic caps on the top and bottom. It all looks good from a distance but when I look closely I can see the dirt and scuffs collecting on the phone.


The overall built is rough

The Umi Touch’s dimensions are roughly comparable to the 5-7 inch Nexus 6P at 154.5 x 8.8 x 76 mm, this 5.5-inch. The weight of the device is 190 g which is like ballast in your pocket. However, 60 g of the total weight is taken up by a really good battery so I guess that makes it worthwhile.


You cannot help but admire the ergonomics

Touch display

Unfortunately when I sat down and checked the display, certain things really left a negative impression on me. I have to say it with a heavy heart but the touch screen is not right. The display ignores inputs and I knew this the moment I unlocked the device. And when you type this is very irritating as almost every third letter fails to appear.


Display gives a good view but the touch screen is disappointing

The display of the phone is Full-HD where 404 ppi fills out 5.5 inch display. The display was pleasantly very clear and is very easy to read on. The device has a screen protector so that you can avoid scratches.

Special features

The device is loaded with fingerprint sensor but this is very unreliable and therefore I found it not so fun to use as it was not operational properly, which meant for me it was not a value add. However, let us not forget that Umi Touch is available for $150 and to be honest with that kind of price tag I did not even expect a fingerprint sensor. This is why the dysfunctional sensor did not bother me a lot.


Home button doubles up as a fingerprint sensor


Now this one feature left me with a positive vibe and the whole concept of using a program to exchange firmware via PC is quite unique. The software also provides you with the added advantage of your full back ups that also include application data and log-ins.

Google-free- Android

Umi installed a Google free Android


The device comes loaded with a series of complicated gesture controls


Unfortunately, the snapshots taken from Umi Touch are mostly blurry which means that details of the snap are lost although the camera does capture rich and deep colours.


Camera is not so good

Umi Touch technical specifications

    • TYPE:
    • Phone
    • MODEL:
    • Sorry, not yet available!
    • UMI
    • 5 x 76 x 8.8 mm
    • WEIGHT:
    • 190 g
    • 3800 mAh
    • 5 in
    • LCD
    • SCREEN:
    • 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 ppi)
    • 5 megapixels
    • 13 megapixels
    • Dual-LED
    • 0.1 – Marshmallow
    • Stock Android
    • RAM:
    • 3 GB
    • 16 GB
    • microSD
    • CHIPSET:
    • MediaTek MT
    • 8
    • 5 GHz
    • HSPA, LTE, Bluetooth 4.1

My View

Leave out the faulty touch screen and Umi Touch is a great purchase. This is a phone that gives you great battery life, an above average hardware and the software is like a dream for tech junkies like me.

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