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Solutions to your Motorola Moto G problems

Let me announce it all you fellow tech junkies that I am a big fan of Moto G series and I love this smartphone device. This is a great phone and with its pocket friendly price tag, it is a real catch. Motorola is known for making some great devices and Moto G is amongst their best creations however, like any other smartphone this device also has the odd bug, weird behaviour and incompatibility.  No matter how much you love your device these problems do get on the nerve and if you are facing similar issues with your Moto G then do not worry, because I will help you fix them. And as I always say, you can thank me later.

Issue 1 – Battery draining too fast

 If you have the Marshmallow update for your Moto G then you should not be facing this particular issue. The Marshmallow features a memory optimization technique that makes the battery lasts longer than Lollipop. If you are facing battery draining issues even with Marshmallow then it is likely a result of a rogue app. To solve this issue go to Settings> Battery – you can check whether an app is getting too power-hungry. In case you find a culprit, I advise you to uninstall and check if your battery woes go away.


 A rogue app might be responsible for battery drainage

Issue 2 – Phone Freeze

This happens if your phone just locks up for no reason at all and refuse to respond to any button press. When you face a situation like this, try a force restart by pressing and holding the power button for ten to twenty seconds. In most cases this will restart your phone and hopefully the problem of freezing will not bother your again.

Now, there may be cases with a few of you that your phone goes into these freezes frequently. For this problem the first things that you can do is try and identify a common trigger. In most of the cases it is often one app or feature that leads to these repeated freeze episodes – just like the battery drain problem. In case you are able to find that app, remove it from your device and check whether it solves the issue for you or not.


In case of phone freeze, try restarting your phone

In the very unfortunate event this also fails to work for you then I am very sad to inform you that factory reset might be the option for you now. A factory reset to the phone will make it go back to its former factory-fresh glory but it also means that you will lose all your stuff as well. This is why before you select this option, ensure that you have fresh back up and then go to Settings>Backup & Reset. Make sure that before you take up this procedure, you unselect the Automatic Restore option. You want your device back to basics and that does not mean you want to reinstall the apps that are causing the problems in the first place. Once you have unselected the Automatic restore, tap the Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone.


Factory Reset may solve all your problems in case everything else fails

Issue 3: The phone does not allow you into the reset menu

If this is happening with you then you should know that factory data reset can also be performed with the buttons as well.  You will turn your phone off, press and hold Volume Down and Power until the screen turns on. Once you have done this, you will use Volume Down so as to highlight Recovery mode and then Power to select.

Once you have completed the above mentioned instructions, your phone will restart in Recovery mode and you will now see the Android robot visible on your screen with a red exclamation mark. Now you will press Power and then press Volume Up. You will now scroll to Wipe Data/Factory Reset. To select this option you will press Power and then scroll to Yes. Now you will erase all your User Data. Now Press Power again – your phone will reset.


Perform factory reset using buttons

Issue:  Touch screen doesn’t work properly

This is one problem that Moto G 2 users encounter. The touch screen acts fussy especially when charging the phone and goes back to normal when the charger is unplugged. The problem will usually occur if the charger is non-Motorola as the main culprit is the voltage. This phone is more sensitive to voltage discrepancy as compared to other phones. This is why you will see that your touch screen loses its sensitivity.

Moto G is more sensitive to incorrect voltages than some other phones, and that’s why the touch screen appears to lose sensitivity.

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