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Google Keep – The perfect note taking app

I remember my reaction three years ago when Google announced Keep. The first thing that I said was – great another useless notes app. But I gave it a go nonetheless.  How could I not- after all it was created by our very old friend Google. And once I used it, I vowed never to uninstall it again. This write up is dedicated to Google Keep and how it is the best note app available as of now.

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Google Keep- The best note application

Google Keep is a note app that is quite similar to other apps for note taking. These note-taking apps are available to you on almost every platform which makes the competition pretty stiff. However, Google Keep is perfect because it is extremely simple.

This is one app that does not really care about text. In fact Google Keep can save notes in the form of pictures, photos as well as handwritten items. With this app you will not need to worry about typing or scribbling if the text is visible to you. Just keep your camera function transcribes words in a photograph and viola – it automatically converts them into text.

I know it is hard to believe for those of you who have never used Google Keep but it is true – point your camera at a note, a poster or a book, just hit ‘grab image text’ option and your are done. You can take these pictures in any language – provided you have Google Translate installed.

I am not claiming that this app is perfect but when it works, it is actually fantastic.


 The “grab image text” function is great although not perfect always

Bid Adieu to Reminders and task managers

One of the best features of Google Keep is the fact that it fuses elements of both reminder and calendar apps to give you the best combination of the two. With Keep you can create a list of something in the future or an alert for a note and even attach a location to it. In case you want a checklist attach within your note – Keep will help you do that too. With Google Keep you can easily introduce lists, annotations as well as audio files. Google Keep is smart and there is almost nothing it has not thought about- you can even colour coordinate your lists.


Create colour codes, handwrite or add audio files – Google keep can do it all


The major strength of Google product has always been the compatibility between Google services and cloud storage. Keep is a perfect example of this compatibility. Keep works in perfect sync with Gmail and you can also work with a friend in collaboration with the help of Keep. Invite your friends to Keep and once they have accepted you can even create reminders together.

If you are not already in love with Keep then let me tell you that this app is also available in a desktop version that runs perfectly in any web browser. Moreover, Google Keep also sends content directly to Google Docs.


Use Keep in any f your internet browser

Google Keep – The best note taking app ever

If you ask me, my answer will be an obvious yes. When I got my hands on Google Keep, every other note taking app like OneNote, EverNote and Wunderlist in my device was displaced.

Google Keep is fast even when you run it on older devices. But keep in mind that this app requires Android 4.0.3 at the very least. This means that even if you have an older device that has been upgraded, you will not have any problem with the app. The voice notes on Google Keep are way better than the competition. Moreover, adding voice notes is easy in Keep – as simple as tapping the microphone and speaking. Once your voice note is recorded the app will convert it into text. The app also attaches the voice note with the text so that you can listen back and check whether the text is interpreted correctly. This is no surprise as Google has always worked great with speech-to-text apps. If all these features are not enough then let me tell you that Google Keep’s home screen widget is awesome,  the web app is fast, minimal, and functional and the Google Drive syncing feature means your data is portable (and you own it).

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