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Samsung Galaxy S8: The Things it should have

Samsung has once again proven its prowess as the king of smartphones with its recent flagship phones Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Edge. These two Android devices are currently the talk of the tech world and taking the smartphone market by storm. Now, I am the first one to admit and appreciate the fact that Samsung has managed to land a knockout blow to the competitors with its pair of Flagships and these two devices are nothing short of perfect, however whenever I think about Samsung Galaxy S8 (I am sure there will be one), I definitely think of certain features I want Samsung to make good on in 2017. Here I have a list of things I really want to see on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Samsung Galaxy S8 – What We Expect

Now we all know that Samsung was planning to go for USB Type-C integration on the S7 as well S7 Edge, though in the end the plan was dropped. The smartphone giant pointed to the compatibility of peripherals, like relying on microUSB 2.0 or the Gear VR headset. Moreover, nobody can deny the fact that the tech head honchos of Samsung were quite unfamiliar with the newer Type-C port. This is one reason why the USB Type – A has always been the standard of Samsung for so many years but if Samsung had taken a chance with the newer USB Type-C on the Galaxy S7, then this device would have been different. I believe the time is just right for Samsung to take the leap and try the USB Type – C port for Galaxy S8.

USB Type-C port – High time for its entry

Comeback of the removable battery

We all know that Samsung brought back the microSD card slot to the Galaxy S7 because of the pressure from true blue Samsung lovers, but what disappointed me was the fact that the removable battery still did not make the comeback I was hoping for.  Now, we all know that these non-removable batteries guarantee built-in obsolescence but they are also working as a death clock inside a device. These batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and once they reach that limit, they are done – dead, kaput.

This is a big problem especially when you plan to pass down your device to a family member when you upgrade or want to hold on to your phone for more than a couple of years. With a removable battery you can rest assured that your device will not just roll over and die suddenly after a long stretch of declining battery life.


LG 5 has it why can’t Samsung Galaxy S8 too?

Design Change

The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge followed the structural designs of their predecessors and I will not deny the fact that these designs are very appealing and attractive – the proof lies in their success.  The newest Galaxy flagships made improvements that were subtle, however, now it’s time to think differently and do something bigger. We have all heard rumours that Apple is planning a redesign on its iPhone 7 later this year; this is why we hope that Samsung will make a similar move with Galaxy S8 – maybe a full-metal body.


S6 and S7 saw little change in their design

More Megapixels

There are loads of rumours swirling around Samsung getting more talent on board for its smartphone camera division. This new team is pooled in for the pursuit of a new sensor, supporting between 18 and 24 MP. This is why you can all see this sensor make its debut on the Galaxy Note 6. If you are a tech junkie like me then you must have noticed that with Galaxy S7, Samsung dropped 4 MP from the S6. However, this did not mean the quality was compromised as the real quality upgrade came in the form of dual-photodiode technology and a wider aperture lens.  All these changes and upgrades are highly appreciable but I am sure all of us would love to see this changes fused with a higher resolution sensor.

Stereo-speakers on the front

The new Huawei P9 Plus and a lot of the latest Android devices now have front facing speakers which in the current tech world are the new hallmark of many high-end devices.  These speakers are great when you watch a video or play games as they provide a much more compelling audio experience. Sadly, both S7 and S7 Edge did not have this feature. Hopefully, with S8 Samsung too will participate in making its audio quality even better than before.


Devices like HTC 10 are still one up Samsung at least as far as audio is concerned

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