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Must Try options for your Android Phones

Your Android device is a separate world in itself, but more often than not you do not really go in depth with your devices. I am a true blue Android junkie and let me tell you that your smartphone build to do some really interesting and cool stuff that you should know about right now.  Your Android can do a lot , from custom ROMs launches, LED notifications to icon packs and tweaks, apps and gesture control – take your pick because you can do all that and much more, all thanks to your smartphone. Here I have a list of some really cool stuff your phone can do for you to keep you happy for a while. Do give them a try and yes- you can thank me later.

Wi-Fi Supercharge

Now most of you might not know this, but you can tell Chrome to reduce your date usage so that you can save time and money.  And how do I know this? Because I have been using this setting for a while now and believe it or not, I have cut my data usage by 30 percent in the past month – I can feel your eyebrows going up. All you need to do is Go to Chrome > Settings > Data Saver and turn it on – how is that for easy savings?


Now this is not all you can ask for your phone. You can also ask your Android to keep Wi-Fi on during sleep. And it is very simple to do so just go to Settings Wi-Fi Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and select Always.

Now do not scratch your head as to what advantage this will give you. Let me simplify it for you even more – when your Wi-Fi is on during sleep it means that you can download things even when your phone’s display is off and you save precious battery life as well as your phone will not have to take up the battery eating task of reconnecting Wi-Fi every time you wake it up.


Battery Optimization

Now, I know what you are thinking and I know it makes sense – well sometimes. Every phone is different and so is its battery consumption, but believe me when I say that there are ways to improve the battery life no matter which device you have. The first thing that you can do in this direction is to turn off your ‘ambient display’ or what you know as the ‘adaptive brightness’ commonly.  The display brightness is set depending upon the current lighting conditions – it is not perfect but it works.


Moreover, you all need to know that most of the big, Android UIs are built with one or the other sort of battery saving mode. Now their power may differ from one device to another, but it is still worth the work to check out how they can be used for your particular need.

Let me explain this to you with a few examples – The HTC’s power saver has various options that you can enable or disable depending upon your needs which means it is less stiff than other devices like Sony’s Stamina mode that modifies very little as far as performance is concerned.


HTC’s Power saver mode (left) and Sony’s Stamina mode.

Enable Google Now on Tap

This feature came into being with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google Now on Tap provides you with contextual information about anything that is visible on your screen. This feature allows you access to information without searching for it manually.  However, in order to run this feature you will need Android Marshmallow.

In order to run this feature, go to Settings > Google > Search & now > Voice and switch it on or off. Once this feature is for, you can enjoy the fast contextual information on tap. Now if you want to switch Now on Tap from your phone, hold on the home button and a menu will appear. Tap on the icon with three dots and then go to Settings and disable it.


Grant app permissions individually

If you have Android Marshmallow (which you must have by now) then you need to know about this really cool feature which is known as the granular app permissions. Now with the help of this feature you give apps easy access to hardware or data on your phone on a need basis. When you turn on this feature and an app needs to access the microphone, it will ask your permission.

Earlier, when Marshmallow was not launched you needed to grant permission before you downloaded the app in Play Store. However, with Marshmallow you can easily manage these permissions individually.


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