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Apps to help boost your Android Performance

Our smartphones have become are best companions – I know this statement may not go well with most of you but come on, be honest. Your Android is the one thing that is available to you always and has a solution for almost everything given the fact that you take care of your phone as well. Now, you are going to ask me how you can take care of a phone that is already smart (pun intended). Well, let me tell you if you want your phone to be smart all the time you will need to boost its performance.

See, I know all of you so well that I know you will just sit and ask me how to do that. I mean why do you need to think – thinking is for me while working is for your smartphone. Let me tell you that the Play Store offers you a plethora of apps that claim to boost your smartphone performance and that of course will make you happy because who does not love choices right? But let me tell you that only a few of these many app work. Task killers are infamous as they claim falsely to make your phone faster.  Let me tell you a divine secret – boosting your smartphone performance is much more than just pressing a button to make things better. Worried? Don’t be when you have me.  I have here for you a few apps that will really help you boost your Android performance. And as I always say – you can thank me later.

DU Speed Booster – Clean up your Files

This app is a favourite of mine because it really works. The DU Speed Booster is on the looking for apps that are embedded in your Smartphone’s background processes and it cleans them up. When you have this app on your phone, then rest assured that your system processes and auto-start apps will be managed perfectly and all the unnecessary data that goes with them usually will be dumped when needed.

Do not worry as nothing will be cleared without your permission as you can give these files a quick look before they are deleted.  With all the cache and residual data that you can delete more storage space gets opened in your smartphone.

When you open this app the first thing that will catch your eye is the interface which has a purple hued design which appears very futuristic – the kind that

will make your fingers itch to open the app just for fun. Moreover, it is an app that is easily navigable. This app will tell you when your phone needs a boost and your app will also give you a read out of what it did. And as I mentioned above, you can give a quick glance to these files and decide whether you want them cleared out or not.

It is true that this app is a file cleaning app but it can do a lot more and this is why I advise you to explore more. The DU Speed Booster can help you to save your battery, manage your apps, accelerate your device, secure your device and run speed diagnostics.  This is one app that can prove to be a one stop shop

Although the app is great for file cleaning it does have other functions that you should explore. You can use it to save your battery, accelerate your device, manage your apps, run speed diagnostics and secure your device. It’s useful if you want a one-stop-shop app.


DU Speed Booster

Greenify – For Reliability

This app is one of the most reliable apps. It can help you to reduce background processing by putting your apps in a state of hibernation. Greenify can stop services, perform periodic tasks, take care of alarms, widget updates, push messages and do much more. This app is intuitive, simple as well as powerful. Now let me remind you that when you have power you also need to be responsible in order to use it wisely. With an app like Greenify, it is easy to get carried away and misuse it by hibernating apps that you really should not like the alarms I mentioned earlier.

Greenify is an app that I love and the one thing that has completely sold it for me is the fact that it can act like Android Marshmallow’s Doze feature for devices that are still running the previous version of the software. And you know what makes it more lovable – it is completely free.


Android Assistant – Your one click fix

This is a system monitoring tool and offers you control over your settings and files. It also lets you keep an eye on your ROM, RAM, CPU, SD Cards and battery.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs, Android Assistant also manages, processes, save battery life and manage files. This app also offers a one-click boost feature that helps you to improve speed with just one click.


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