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Huawei P9 Lite – What does the Rumour Says?

Huawei P8 lite was one of the most successful mid-range phones last year and gained a lot of popularity amongst tech geeks. Now P9 Lite is all set to be unveiled and it remains to be seen whether it will live up to its predecessor. I did a little detective work and I got the release date leak for the much awaited phone. Stick to your chairs ladies and gentlemen because here I give you the Huawei P9 Lite release date, specs, price and other rumors.


The predecessor of P9 Lite – P8 Lite was designed and structured to be a compact version of another high-end smartphone that was created by a Chinese manufacturer.  Now if we believe on rumours, it is being widely circulated that P9 Lite is going to be a much better version of P8 Lite atleast where the design is concerned as the new version should come hosued in metal rather than plastic as it was in the older version. Evan Blass – renowed leakster, presented the first pictures of the phone on VentureBeat. The pictures show some really sleek curves and also a finger print scanner on the rear of the device.


As far as the design of the device is concerned, it seems to be quite similar to P8 Lite, with slightly rounded corners and a largely rectangular figure. There is no dual camera as far as the eye can see from the pictures while the power button and volume rocker can be seen on the right side of the device.


Final word- Just like P8 Lite, P9 Lite seems to have all the makings of a best-seller for Huawei.


According to reports from the leak, P9 Lite will retain most of the features of P8 Lite. The newest version offers a 5-inch screen (full HD resolution) with 1,920×1080 pixels.  The phone will be protected from scratches with a Gorilla Glass 4.

Here we have a few pics of the smartphone – all thanks to Hi-Tech who also shared specs. Now according to them this new phone will have a 5.2 inches of display – larger than what was suggested in earlier leaks and a 1080p resolution.  With these specs the pixel density will come out to be 423 ppi.

5.2-inches-of display


According to the reports that I have got, it is almost certain that P9 Lite will all geared on with the latest version of Android Marshmallow- however nothing is confirmed officially still. Any which ways, whatever version of the OS we find on board one thing is confirmed that it will be coated in a layer of Huawei’s Emotion UI.


Now I am sure that till now everything you heard about the new smartphone is getting you all excited but sadly now I have some bad news. I do not want to rock your happy boat but according to rumours the camera is nothing to dance about. We all know that the Huawei/Leica partnership gave P9 its interesting dual camera setup, sadly the P9 Lite will gain nothing from this partnership and it has a single 13 MP camera with a 8 MP front camera which is going to be similar to the ones found on the other models.

13-MP-camera-with-a-8 MP-front-camera


Here is some good news as the battery capacity of the P9 Lite is said to be similar to P9 which is 3,000 mAh – according to Hi-Tech This is really a first as lower end models do not really benefit from such generosity.


Now all the information here is from either China or Russia and nothing is confirmed yet. According to rumours, the P9 Lite can carry Snapdragon 650 processor or a Kirin Hisilicon which is common in the rest of the range. Apart from this, the smartphone may have a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. The phone will have a microSD card slot which means the memory can be bumped up to 128 GB.

Release date and price

Everyone was expecting that Huawei will unveil the new P9 Lite at its London launch event on 6 April, surprisingly that did not happen and now it is quite unclear when the brand will announce the launch of the smartphone. Just like the release date, the price remains a mystery, although something in the $230-$290 range seems likely.

$230-$290 range

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