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The 5 ultimate apps your smartphone needs

Even though all of you are big tech junkies like me and would love to stuff your Android devices with all these cool apps it is not possible. I am not trying to burst your happy bubble but the practical truth is that no matter how hard you try you will never download every app in the Play Store. I mean the facts say it all, there are almost 1.5 million app out there – can you really go through all of them? Moreover, do you need all of them?  If you ask my opinion you can live with just 5. Yes, I said five.  Now the question is, if you have to choose five apps for your device which these are going to be. Do not work yourself up now – you have me right. I have done all the hard work and I have a list for you. Here are the 5 apps I recommend for you people. And as I always say – you can thank me later.

Whatsapp – The best for communication

Whatsapp–The best-for-communication

 This is a complete no brainer. When it comes to the most popular app for Android- WhatsApp is way ahead of all the others and for a good reason.  This is one app that allows you to communicate and this is what makes it a success.  Cell phone was developed with the idea of offering people easy communication and connection and this is also one of the essential functions of a smartphone.

Now the way we communicate with people around us keeps changing and WhatsApp is the new trend with more than one billion people around the world using it. And we all know that communication is like breathing for human beings and that what makes WhatsApp essential as well.

This app takes care of all your communication needs and this is what makes it my first choice in the list. With WhatsApp you can make calls, send text messages, share documents and even photos.  And you get all of this at one single point where all your friends and family is available.

Evernote – Take care of your scheduling and planning

With our whole world shrinking to our smartphones, we all take care of our daily plans, reminders and schedules through our smart devices. This is why having an app that can perform these tasks is important. Evernote is perfect for most of these functions. With Evernote you can easily set reminders, schedule appointments, take notes and do much more. This is not just a simple app for note taking; with Evernote you can fulfil so many daily tasks that are crucial for you.


Google Chrome for Android: Easy Internet Access

You need browsers if you want to want to connect easily with most of the functions that your apps do. With the help of a browser you can check your mail, navigate, search for restaurants, watch YouTube videos, post pictures on Facebook  and do musch much more.  Google Chrome is the best browser for you to help you do all these things and this is why you really need it.

Now, you will probably wonder why I choose Google Chrome instead of a different browser. It is because it is one easy browser and it helps you perform necessary functions without pain. This browser has a built in PDF reader and a built-in flash player with voice recognition as well.

So why did I choose Google Chrome instead of a different browser? Chrome is one of the easiest browsers to use and does all of your the essential functions without a stutter. It has a built-in flash player and PDF reader as well as voice recognition. Its minimalist design is also quite refreshing.


VSCO- For your picture needs

Now we all use the camera of our phone daily and it is unarguably one of the most important functions of our smartphones. So a good quality camera app is a real necessary thing for your phone. VSCO is the perfect picture app that does a lot.  With this app you take pictures then edit them to make them even better. With VSCO you take your photos the way you want and you can alter them for contrast or exposure. With the help of this app you can straighten as well as crop your pictures.


AVG – For Security

Security is the central need of a phone and without it your phone can get hacked you can lose everything and your phone can become useless. This is why you need an app that can protect the system itself.


AVG is the most popular app for security. With this app you can keep your phone secure, take care of your scanning and securing needs and keep your smartphone safe at all times.

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