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Xiaomi Mi 5 vs iPhone 6S comparison: Should Apple be worried?

Now nobody can deny the fact the Xiaomi hasdcome up with some very impressive features and specs with their last release –the Xiaomi Mi4 and now it is rumoured that it is all set to take a bite out of Apple in the market of Smartphone with the release of the Mi 5. Let me help you get a preliminary look at how both these sets match up.



The last Xiaomi device created quite an uproar over its design and claims that it was too derivative of the iPhones – I do not agree with that. According to me the design of Xiaomi Mi 5 is miles away from iPhone 6S –well if I am being honest it is much better and stylish than iPhone 6s.

The new Mi 5 comes with an ergonomic body that has a sleek and clean design. The glass panel blend in well with the metal frame giving the device the perfect creative balance.

I am not downgrading the design of iPhone 6s and completely agree that it is a very attractive phone however, it is bulky and the curving edges and corner are frankly a bit too much.  Mi 5 as compared to iPhone si far more edgy and is also the lightest flagship phones on the market at just 129 g – which makes it almost 14 g lighter than iPhone 6s.

The camera in the Mi 5 sits inside the frame which means it is easy to set it down flat on any surface. All iPhone users know and cannot deny that the camera sticks out of the back of the phone which is a big flaw that takes away from its aesthetic quality.

The fingerprint scanner and the home button of the Mi 5 is oval and it fits perfectly with the design of the phone on the other hand the iPhone 6S has a roung home button  which although fits with the rounded build of the phone is still bulky and unnecessarily large.

However, when it comes to interface, iPhone 6s beats the Xiaomi 5 handsdown. The icons in Mi 5 just look cartoonish and without any depth while we all know that 6S has a more shaded look and seem more three-dimensional.


The newest member of the Xiaomi family is packaged impressively with a bright and crisp 5.15 inch 1080p (427 ppi) HD LCD display. Taking up 73 percent of the phone’s front, the phone features a sunlight display which optimizes and controls the display in bright outdoor situations.

All in all, I can say it confidently that the display of iPhone 6s is no match for Mi 5. The LCD screen of iPhone at 750×1, 337 pixels is far lower than Mi 5. The screen takes only 66 percent of the front body and is quite small at 4.7 inches as compared to Mi 5.


I have already sung quite a few praises of the camera design of Mi 5 and how it is better than iPhone. The camera of Mi 5 is set inside the device which allows the phone to lie flat on the surface, something that is impossible for the iPhone as the camera stick out of the body.

The camera system of the Mi 5 is a Sony-designed 16 MP IMX main camera whereas on the other hand the iPhone 6s gives you a 12 MP main camera. The focusing feature on the Mi 5 is far better than the iPhone 6s as the former comes with 4-axis camera system.


I am very happy to tell you that the battery of Mi 5 is about twice the size of the iPhone 6S battery. Where iPhone has a 1,715-mAh battery the Xiaomi Mi 5 has a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery.  I think that these new 3000 mAh batteries are the Android Flagship standard for 2016.

Now I know that  lot of you out there are big fans of the iPhone but you cannot just overlook the superiority Mi 5 seems to have over iPhone 6s. This new phone highlights the problems Apple has with its battery life and how Android is now coming up with better devices tha lasts longer. Make note that with Mi 5 you get better battery capacity yet the device is still lighter than iPhone 6s.

Price and conclusion

Mi 5’s most affordable version the Xiaomi Mi 5 (32 GB) is available at the market price of $499 whereas the current price for iPhone 6S is $649. The price disparity is too much and it underlines a big problem for Apple as the new Xiaomi Mi 5 beats iPhone 6s at almost all the fronts.

The problem that Xiaomi faces in capturing an easy market opening is due to the availability issues in the US. Once these smartphones are properly introduced to the US market, I can guarantee that a sea change will happen, with customers gravitating to superior yet significantly cheaper phones.

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