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Give your Phone a Smart Makeover with these Android Lock Screen Apps

You know what binds us all tech geeks together – it is our love for our gadgets and smartphones. We do everything we can to make our devices better and better. Our lock screen is a very important part of our beloved phones and if you are an honest to God tech geek than you will understand it is not just there for you device to look good but it is also an important navigational screen that is important to jump straight to the features you use the most. Now I know that standard lock screens are fine but why not make your lock screen special. This is why I came up with a list of the best Android lock screen apps and widgets. Now make unlocking your device a fun and functional thing to do. And as I always say you can thank me later.

Lok Lok


Now this great fun app to use but there is only one catch with it- your friends need to be involved if you really want it to work. Lok Lok is an app through which you can draw on your lock screen and then you can send that drawing to your friends as a message – your friends need to be using Lok Lok as well. Once this message is received by your friends on their lock screens, they can modify it as they wish and then send it back to you.

I am sure all this info about Lok Lok makes you really happy but I have some bad news – Lok Lok is still in beta and that is why you cannot set up a PIN code as of now. This particular problem means it is not that great an app for security, however, it is great if all you want to do is send messages.

Hi Locker


Hi Locker offers user 3 styles of lock screen, Lollipop, iOS and classic with a completely separate screen for your calendar allowing you a quick view option for all your upcoming events. This app has a CyanogenMod-style quick launcher which works great and you just have to hold and swipe so that you can quickly swipe over to your favourite app and open it from the lock screen. With an array of options for customizations that includes different fonts, custo9m greetings and automatic wallpaper changes this app is worth a shot.

Next News Lock Screen


This is a news feed that you receive to your lock screen directly. Next News can be customized depending upon your choices so that you always see the stories you care about. You can make your choices from different categories like entertainment or sports and depending upon your selection news feed will be displayed on your lock screen for you to swipe through. Once you receive your news feed, just tap and hold on a story to open it.

However, Next News is still in beta stage – much like Lok Lok and it is not without bugs but it is certainly a great lock screen idea.

SlideLock Locker


Now this is app is perfect for those iPhone escapees who are still not over the Apple’s slide to unlock lock screen.  SlideLock Locker is a great looking screen app which will definitely help you fill that slider-shaped hole in your life. With SlideLock you unlock your phone by simply sliding from left to right along the bottom of the screen. And just like Lollipop you receive actionable notifications that you can tap on if you wish to see them or simply swipe if you want to dismiss them. With this app sliding right to left can take you straight to the camera.

CM Locker


Just like iOS, CM Locker is an app that has a slide-to-unlock function. Apart from that it also has a power saving feature that will help your phone clean out the apps that are battery draining directly from your lock screen. With this app you can choose a pattern or pin unlock your device and when someone unsuccessfully tries to unlock your phone, the intruder alert feature of this app will take a photo of that person.  This is a great no-nonsense screen lock app which will allow you to do a multitude of tasks like view recent messages, control your music playback as well as check the weather forecast. This is an app which has got a big thumbs up from users and therefore come highly recommended – definitely worth a try.

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