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Goggle Now Tips-Make your life Easy

When it was introduced to the tech world no one actually imagined that it will grow into such a formidable beast. Google now started its journey to the top as one lazy way to search Google but now it is much more that just that – Google now is your all in one life organizing nerve center at the heart of Android – sounds poetic but it is the  best way to describe it.  Unfortunately most of you out there are not taking advantage of Google Now to the fullest. This is why I am here to help you broaden your horizons regarding Google Now and help you to get this digital assistant do all the heavy work for you in the best manner possible. And as I always say – you can thank me later.

Set it up right to get it to work right


Before you start your exploring adventure make sure that your Google Now is set up correctly. Doing it is simple. You will need Google Now to recognize your ‘OK Google’ command from any screen by tapping hamburger menu icon in the Google app.

Go to Settings>Voice ‘OK Google’detection. Now just slide all the toggles to the right.

Get OK Google over your phone by sliding toggles

After sliding the toggles you will get a prompt to train OK Google to your voice, you will do that very simply by saying ‘OK Google’ three times.

It takes about 5 seconds to train your phone

You will now GO to Settings>Voice>Offline speech recognition – ensure that the languages you need are all downloaded. This will help you use Google OK commands when you are offline.

Grab a few languages; they are only about 20 MB

You can easily open some really cool Google Now Features if you can be a little trusting and give Google access to your location data. If you want Google now to use your location data, go TO Settings app>location (make sure it is ON). You will now go to Google Location History and ensure that it is ON as well.

 Enjoy cool features by giving Google Now access to your location data

You can also get set reminders and information about your commute very easily all you need to do is go to Google app, tap the hamburger menu icon and then go to Customize. You can now set your home and work addresses to get the above mentioned details.  Apart from all this you can also get more interesting and useful cards to show up by entering your modes of transport, favourite sports teams and more.

Location Based reminders

We all can get a little forgetful at times and wish someone would help us remind. Google can help you with this sort of problem. In case you want to be reminded of doing something in a certain place but are not really sure as to what time you will be there, do not worry because Google will remind you as soon as it detects that you are there.  This feature can be a blessing for almost all of us when we go to a shop and need to remember what we are buying or we need to be reminded to turn on the oven as soon as we arrive home.

Google Now will help you remember everything

OK Google voice commands – Learn them all

Most of you might now know this but OK Google from Google Now offers you hundred of voice commands to help you achieve a whole pack of operations. The key of course is to know more about this feature so that you can get more out of it as well.

Let Google do things that you are too shy to do

 Grow the list of Voice Commands

You can easily add more voice commands to Google Now by downloading Commandr from the Play Store.  With the help of these add ons you can turn on the flashlight, clear notifications, enable rotation clock or take a selfie. The Commandr app expands the repertoire significantly.  Moreover, you can even get custom voice commands for each function.

There is more – Commandr can also turn Google Now into an automating machine as it includes integration for Tasker.

Not only that, but Commandr includes integration for Tasker, turning Google Now into an automating machine.

Get 30 additional commands with Commandr

Make your Travel Arrangements

With the help of Google Calendar you can easily know the time you should leave so as to arrive at an appointment on time. Google Calendar in Google Now provides users cards and notifications to help make travel arrangements easier. These notifications even help you know traffic conditions so that you can make your travelling plans accordingly.

To turn on this feature, ensure that preferred mode of transport is selected (Customize > Transport) go to Settings > Now cards and switch Commute and Time to Leave on.

Be punctual with Google Calendar

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