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The Best Note Taking Apps for Android – Do It Differently

Even though we tech geeks find ways to do almost everything through our gadgets, certain things can never have substitutes.  One of these things is taking notes. Whether you are using your Android tablet to take notes in your class or you are just looking to using your phone to remember what someone is telling you – we all take notes and take them quite regularly. Now that I have already mentioned that we are tech geeks, it is obvious that we always want to make activities on our gadgets perform better, so you definitely look for ways to improve your note taking experience. Alas, with so many apps in the Google store this is a very difficult task, but do not worry. I am here to help you and I have selected the best note taking apps on Android for all of you. You can choose the one that suits your requirements in the best way possible and as I always say- you can thank me later.


Simplenote is the creation of the same developers who are also behind WordPress.  As the name suggests it is an extremely simple app to use. Living up to its name it just lets you get on with what you want to do and does not care one bit how you format your notes.  This is quite refreshing in today’s date and age. However, there is one small problem – its bizarre default font choice.  If you can live with this small issue than you will find it a savvy, well-supported note app that works great and is not really a bad option at all.

INKredible – Handwriting Note

INKredible – Handwriting Note

Now this app is a bit different from the usual lot of note taking apps available out there and this is what hooked me to it right away.  INKredible is a dream app for those of you who love to write with their hands and would love to do it with their Android devices as well. You will of course need a decent stylus to achieve this. Now, not everyone has a Galaxy note device so this is not perfect for everyone as it also claims to have smart palm rejection.

Sticky Notes for Android Wear

This is one app which is perfect for that important yet quick info that you need to place on your fridge or your desk. But how will you get the same functionality if you are on the move? This is where Sticky Notes for Android Wear can help you. What you need to do is, you will write a small note in your phone app and send that to your watch. This note in your watch works like a card that you can pull up when you need, for example in a meeting, in the store or even behind the wheel.  The approach of this app is very simple but it works perfectly.

Notes by Cubeactive

Notes by Cubeactive is a great-looking yet simple app that provides good support for tablets and larger devices all thanks to some good Material design chops. This app syncs through Google Drive and is a perfect option for you if you are looking for an Android only kind of app that hinges on Google services. Notes by Cube active is simple, good looking and works great. Although, if you are looking to unlock more features you will need the Pro app but once you have it you can rest assured that it will have everything that you will need in such an app.


This app is a senior in the list as OneNote has been out there for a while now and now that Microsoft wants to push cross-platform work across their products – OneNote is in the limelight again.  This app has a feel of a digital notebook and can sync easily with your Android phone, Windows PC, your Mac or your iPad. Unlike other Microsoft products it does not care how you format your notes or organize them. You can do whatever you want and they will still all be searchable. It provides you support for inserting images, drawing notes and web clipping. This app will help you do all the things you want in a hassle free manner.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Google of course have their own thing for note taking and it is extremely simple and versatile at the same time. You can make a colourful list with check boxes and rest assured that they are all synced and going nowhere. You can also share notes, embed pictures and audio clips and format content with this app. Keep is a solid app from Google which is going to work for you just fine.

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