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Tips and Tricks – Work WhatsApp like a Pro

I am sure you all know WhatsApp and its importance for us today…..unless of course you have been living under a rock. This is one app that does not need any introduction, what with being the world’s most popular instant messaging service. We all love it and for this matter I decided to create a list of WhatsApp tricks and tips that will help you get the best possible experience out of your favourite app…. and as I always say, you can thank me later.

Tighten your seat belts readers and check out my list of top tips to become a WhatsApp whiz just like that.


  • Stop the images from Whatsapp to appear in your camera roll

Whatsapp is all about having fun and your friends will often send you stupid crazy pictures. Now looking at those pictures and having a good laugh is ok but I am sure you do not want them getting mixed up with all your amazing photographs. Well, I have good news. You can keep these pictures separated so that they do not appear in your camera roll.

  • Download ES File Explorer or any other such file explorer
  • Go to sdcard/Whatsapp/Media
  • Select and click on the folder you do not want shared (the Whatsapp Images in this case)
  • Tap the plus button at the bottom of the screen
  • Name the new folder no media

You are done. These simple steps will now stop any pictures from the selected folder to show up in your camera roll.

  • Swap Whatsapp chat history between phones

The new update that allows Google Drive backup is now all set to be accessible to all the users. This new thing is undoubtedly the easiest method to switch media as well as chat history between phones.


In case, for whatever reasons you want to move your Whatsapp history without using Google drive, you can still do it without creating a mess. All you need is a little time and a microSD card.

  • Insert the microSD card into your phone with your Whatsapp account
  • Select Whatsapp and go to Settings Chats Chat backup
  • Take out the SD card from the phone and now place it in the other device
  • Install Whatsapp in the new device
  • Once you are done, Whatsapp will detect the backup and will ask you to restore it, which you will of course do.
  • Lock Whatsapp

We all have those nosey friends and family members who want a peek at our Whatsapp chat history and details. This is why locking up your Whatsapp is a great idea. You can easily keep your Whatsapp private by setting up a passcode for Whatsapp. You can use AppLock as it is a popular choice.

  • Use Whatsapp simultaneously on two devices

With web client you can easily use Whatsapp at the same time on two devices. However, you will need to be connected to the internet on your primary device – and we all know how common connection issues are.

I have another trick for you which will require a little more work but ist is surely much better in the long run.

For this you will need both your devices to be rooted. Install Titanium backup root and then use this to perform a full backup of WhatsApp, including root permissions. Now, use file manager to go to the folder that was created by Titanium Backup. This folder contains the three files starting with .com Whatsapp.  You will now copy this folder onto the internal memory of your second device.

Once this is done, download and install Whatsapp on the second device. You will not open Whatsapp yet. Now, download and then install Titanium Backup root again and then open it and grant it root permission. Now select Backup/restore and restore using Whatsapp folder that you copied to the device earlier.

  • Recover deleted messages

Most of you may not know this but Whatsapp backs up your messages everyday at 4 am. This also means that in case you have deleted any messages since then and before the next auto-back up, you can recover them. Let us take a look at the procedure:

  • Uninstall Whatsapp. Just go to (SettingsApps > WhatsApp > Uninstall)
  • Reinstall Whatsapp
  • Type your phone number into Whatsapp. This will provide you a notification that it has found a backup of your chats
  • Tap restore to get your deleted messages back
  • Use Google Now to send messages

This is one of the best and almost hands-free method to send messages in Whatsapp. All you need is Google Now.  Enable Google Now and just say, ‘Ok Google’, and then ‘send Whatsapp message to (the name of your choice from your contact list). You can now dictate the message you want to send and sit back – Google Now will do the rest.

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