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Enable the Tricky Developer Option in Android just Like That

We tech geeks are a breed of humans who cannot stay still for long, we all need something new to keep us going all the time.  A new gadget, a new app or a new feature in an existing app – all these things give us the high that we need.  My aim has always been to help you people do everything that you want to do in the easiest manner possible. So now that you have decided to root your phone to install a custom ROM or you want to sideload an app from your computer, you will need my help. Why? Because you cannot simply jump into ADB commands and go on with some software surgery performance on your phone.  All is not that simple, you will need to enable the Developer options.

Now I can see that the wheels in your mind are turning.  The Android developer options are very cleverly hidden from the average user. Why? The reason is pretty simple – this one option is not really required by the average android user and if you try to tweak with it unnecessarily, it can lead to abnormal phone behaviour.

Now you do not need to worry, as tinkering with the Android developer option will not lead to something big going wrong like corrupting your phone’s system.  This can lead to small changes like visual differences and the way you and your phone interact. However, changing Android Developer can lead to lower security like it will ease the process of copying and installing unapproved apps or apps that are still in development phase.  Most of time you will access the developer option so that you can enable the USB debugging mode. We do that so that we can have direct communication between Android phone and a computer to receive commands.  Apart from this you can also have other reasons.  So let me a assist you in the process and make it easier for you.

Enable Developer Options

The best thing about this process is that it remains the same for all Android phones.  You will just tap 7 times rapidly on ‘Build Number’ option and that will activate the Developer Option. This option is now available to you in the phone’s ‘Settings>About Device’.


However, the enabling process can different for different manufacturer. I have made a list of the some popular phones and how you can do it for these phones. You can thank me later.

Activate the Developer option in HTC one series phone

  • Go to ‘Settings’ – tap ‘About’
  • Tap on ‘Software Information’ and then tap ‘More’
  • Look for the ‘Build Number’ option in ‘More’- tap on it 7 times rapidly- your developer option will get activated

Activate Developer option in Samsung Galaxy series phone

  • Go to ‘Settings’ – tap on ‘About Device’9 this is located at the end
  • In ‘About Device’ when you scroll down to the end ‘Build Number’ option is located
  • Tap the ‘Build Number’ option 7 times rapidly- you will receive the notification that your developer options are enabled.

Activate the Developer option in LG G series Phones

Go to ‘Settings’- tap on ‘About phone’

Tap on ‘Software Information’ find the option ‘Build Number’

Tap on the ‘Build Number’ 7 times rapidly- developer option is now activated.

Now that you can see and understand that activating the developer option is really very easy. However, disabling them is another story and it can be very tricky. In certain cases you may also have to delete your data so that you can hide these options.

I will give you some tips on how you can hide the developer option with as little damage as possible.

Hiding the Developer Option

Now that you have activated this option, you will see that hiding it is not all that easy as there is no button on your phone that will do it. However, I will give you two methods through which you can hide the developer options again. But you need to be prepared as both these ways come with their negatives.

Method 1

This is the easier of the two options. You will need to delete the data in which the enabling option is stored – go to the ‘Settings App’ data. However, this option does not work in all the android phones like the Samsung phones. This method is best for HTC one and Nexus series phones.

Go to ‘Settings’, tap on ‘Application Manager’ (or App manager/Apps) now Slide left to move to the ‘All’ tab


Look for ‘Settings’ option in ‘All’ tab. In ‘Settings’ tap on ‘Clear Data’


Once the data is cleared, you will see that the Developer option is no longer visible in the settings.

Method 2

This option includes factory resetting of your phone which will in turn hide the developer option from your phone.  However, I will not really advice you to go for it as all your data will be deleted.  Go for this option only  when you really need to hide the developer options and method 1 is not really working for your phone.

If you are going for Factory reset , then make sure that you have the backup of all the important data of your phone so that you do not lose it.

Go to ‘Setings’ –tap on ‘Backup and Reset’ option.


Tap on ‘Factory Reset’- you will receive a notification on the data you will be losing. Tap on ‘Reset Device’ and then ‘Erase everything’ to start the factory reset process.

Once you have selected the options, your phone will restart and the process will begin. After resetting your phone will need to be configured again, for example you will need to attach Google account or restore data etc. After all this is done, you will be unable to see the ‘Developer options’ in the ‘Settings’.

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