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Cool Android messenger apps – Add Flavour to your Instant Messaging

With this write up, I may ruffle feathers and raise some eyebrows but let me ask you to be patient and you will get my point.  I know that a lot of you including me I must say are big fans of Whatsapp and we should be, it is great app and it has almost nothing going wrong with it. However, we are all tech geeks and we are always looking for better things to work on, this is why I went on a little research project for you and you know what- it is not all about Whatsapp. Now don’t go all crazy on me and listen up. I found that there a number of instant messengers out there and I rounded up the best that Android has to offer. Just take a look at the list and you can choose the one that best suits your individual needs. You can thank me later.


This is a great app if you are looking to expand your network. This particular app works like any other messenger app.  However, the major difference with this app is that it tries to expand your network with the potential contacts that are nearby. And the way through which you find these contacts is pretty swanky- just give your phone a shake…yes a shake and you can find someone who is also looking for a new friend on WeChat.

WeChat also have a ‘Friend Radar’ which helps you in finding friends who are in your vicinity giving you a chance to meet them. When you use the ‘Friend Radar’ feature on this app, you receive a little ‘radar’ that pops up on the app and starts searching for friends near your location. When these contacts are displayed on the radar you can chat with them and propose a meeting.


Find new friends with WeChat


This is a great app that is best for connecting with celebrities.  KakaoTalk is a simple to use app that has a lot of complex features.  This app has a set of basic function that obviously works really well and easy. However, if you are looking to get the best out of the features of KakaoTalk , you need to dig right in and do a bit of hard work to use them.

In KakaoTalk you will find a really large network of people who use a feature called ‘Plus Friends’. As the name suggests, this feature helps you to connect with people who are not in your immediate network. Now these contacts can include everyday messengers in your vicicnity, people sharing content and the list can even include bands, celebrities, companies etc.


Connect to stars and celebrities with KakaoTalk


I am sure most of you are already familiar with this one. This is by far the king of video calls. Skype has been in the business for a long time now and it shows no sign of slowing. Primarily used for calls, Skype also has a very useful IM component.

If you want to use Skype all you have to do is create a Skype ID. This also means you will be able to add friends only if you know their Skype contact name. Once you add your friends you can send them instant messages for free. You can also make video calls and with Skype credit you can also make international calls at mobile phones and landlines at cheap rates.

Skype also has a chat section that allows you to group chat, share media files, emoji and more.  Moreover, with Skype you can operate one account on several devices.


Skype is still the best when it comes to video call


If secure messaging is what you are looking for, then Telegram is the best option for you. With great speed and security, this app provides encrypted cross-platform messaging which is absolutely free.

The founder Nikolai Drove famously offered a prize of US$200,000 to anyone who could crack the app’s encryption protocol – no one was able to do that. In one of his interviews he said that he designed Telegram with the aim that it will be a messenger that could not be assessed by Russian security agencies. Impressive, right? So , this is why if you want a messenger that is secure, fast as well as free then Telegram is your ultimate choice.


Get the best secured messaging option with Telegram


This is one of the best up and coming message app in the tech world. Line is steadily gaining popularity each day and it deserves all the love it is getting. And now that it has a video calling as well- it is just as good as fully featured Skype with an added edginess and a more young and sexy feel. Line is already quite popular in many parts of Asia and is crammed with stickers and other fun stuff.  One can also say that Line is kind of like Twitter, Facebook and Skype all rolled into one.


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