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The First Few Things that You Must Perform on Your Galaxy S7

March 11 has come and gone but I can see that a lot of you are still crazy in love with your new Galaxy S7. I do not blame you because I am feeling the same way you are. Yes people, it is a great phone with some exciting new features not to mention that it looks great. So be happy and rejoice and flaunt that cool gadget to all your friends. However, curb your excitement for a while because I am sure a lot of you have not thought about performing a few tasks with your new phone that are absolutely necessary for you to do as a smart Galaxy S7 owner. These tweaks can help you extend your storage, secure your phone even better, make it more convenient to handle, let you sleep easier at night and also modify the look of Samsung’s TouchWiz.


So get ready with your brand new S7, because below I am going to give you a simple list of items that you need to perform on your Galaxy S7. And you thank me later – that’s what I say.

Put in a microSD card

Do not scratch your head with that one. Isn’t it simple? Samsung brought back the SD slot to the Galaxy line with S7 and it is actually going to be a great addition. Why? –  Because now you have the opportunity to upgrade your storage by almost 200GB.  With an SD card in your phone you now have increased storage space for your photos, videos, apps and music that your new phone can handle easily for the next couple of years.

Turn on the Quick Launch on your Camera

The Double-tap-on-home shortcut of Samsung to launch the camera is by far the best Quick launch camera actions you will find.  With the new Galaxy S7, this feature is even faster than before and this is why you must enable it now. This feature should get going out of the box. In case you double tap and nothing happens, you go to the camera app, open the settings and find the shortcut” ‘Quick Launch’ – you are good to go.

Switch camera storage to SD card

Switching over your camera storage to the microSD card is an intelligent thing to d, once you have the SD card in place. Although, you should probably double check to make sure that it stuck.  If you do not shift your camera storage preference to the SD card , then chances of the 32 GB internal storage space of the S7 filling up very quickly are pretty high. You need to remember that a 12 MP photo is a big photo and it can take up a lot of storage space. Moreover, in case you decide to take advantage of Motion Pictures or shoot videos in 4K, your 32 GB is not worth a lot.

Switch on Always-on Display

This is a new feature on Samsung through which you can keep a portion of the screen lit up at all times to display date, time, battery percentage and other selective notifications. Always-on feature is one that I love and I think that every phone must have it. You no longer have to touch your phone a hundred times a day to do something as mundane as check the time.

In my S7 this feature was disabled out of the box. If you want to enable it, all you need to do is go into your phone’s Display settings and look for ‘Always-on Display’.

Setup fingerprints for multiple fingers

When you are prepping up your S7, the phone will ask you to setup a fingerprint so as to secure your phone. I will advise you to go for four fingers set up that can include: your two index fingers and your two thumbs. When you set up multiple fingers you are able to unlock your phone quickly while in either hand.

Customize your favourite settings

Samsung in its setting menu, allows you to pin up almost 9 of your frequently used settings for quick access. I love this TouchWiz feature, because I keep jumping into various system settings throughout the day.  You can customize your settings by tapping the ‘Edit’ button in the top right and then you can go about selecting your favourites.

Enable the Do Not Disturb Mode

I think this is one of the most important modes in a phone and I am a huge fan. Everyone must set the Do not Disturb mode according to me, especially for night time when you want a good night’s rest.  You can easily customize this mode, through ‘Sounds and Vibrations’ menu in settings.

Once you have completed the list you will definitely notice an improved version of your S7 functioning. Now you are really ready to enjoy the class Galaxy S7experience. And as I always say- you are welcome.

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