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How to Clear Space on Your Android Device and Let it Breathe

Most of us have a special relationship with our Smartphones. These devices are not just random tech gadgets that we carry around; in fact they are one of our closest companions- a sort of friend who carry all our secrets (quite literary). They help us do so much, from playing games, to listening to our music, to watching videos. Chatting, web browsing as well as some serious work like emailing, creating slides etc. – there is no end to the things that our phone can perform for us.


We almost carry our own little world packed in these devices. Unfortunately, even these tech buddies of ours can take so much. The more you fill them up with apps, softwares and content that you download, the more your phone’s storage is going to fill up. And we all know that a heavy android device can get you in a lot of trouble. Your phone will function at a slower pace, certain applications will not work at all and you will find your phone is hanging at the most inappropriate of times. The only solution to this problem is cleaning your Android device of all the unwanted stuff.

The good news is that freeing up space in an Android phone can be easily done and is a simple task. My write-up today will guide you as to how you can clean your phone and create space so that it can perform well and also has room for all your favourite photos, music, videos, apps and games. Keep reading and by the end of it you will be a pro at this thing and as I always say – you can thank me later.

  • Clear App Cache

Clearing app cache on your phone is a great way to start. When you remove the cache from your device, it also clears out an application’s temporary files which in turn will free up some space for you. All you need to do is go to Settings >Applications manager, search apps that are taking up most of the space in your phone and then tap on ‘Clear cache’.

Clean Master is a cache cleaner app that is available for you and is great to clear those junk files quickly. Download it and you are good to go.

  • Uninstall Unused Applications

We all have certain apps on our phones or tablets that are just sitting there taking up space and we no longer use them. It is high time for you to get rid of them now. When you uninstall these apps from your phone you will free a lot of space and increase the performance on your phone. In order to do so, you will need to go to Settings -> Applications manager and just uninstall the apps that you no longer need or do not want to use.

  • Upload your photos to Online Storage

Images and photos are major space takers in your smartphones. The one way to manage this problem is not to store all of them on your phone. Instead of saving them on your device you can use a cloud storage service like Google+ Photos- this service automatically back up all your photos in the cloud.

If you want to enable Cloud sync on your device, go to Menu > Photos > Auto-Backup. Here you can safely view all your uploaded photos on your android device or desktop given that they are connected to your Google account.

  • Move Media Files and Apps to SD Card

When you transfer your apps and media files to your SD card’s storage, it will clear up a lot of internal space for your phone and at the same time increase the performance of your phone.  If you are planning to shift apps to your SD card then AppMgr III is the best option for you. This is a free app and the best thing about it is that it does not require root access to your phone. You can install AppMgr III to your phone and you are all set to go. However, you have to remember that not all apps can be shifted to the external storage and they are required to be kept on the phone internal storage.

  • Get rid of Unnecessary Files and Folders

We all are in a habit of leaving downloaded files on our devices even when they are of no use to us. These files take up a lot of space and when you actually need space to download something important your device is unable to do so due to lack of space. You need to regularly delete unnecessary data from your device. Yu can also try DiskUsage app. This app will help you find the files and directories on storage card that are consuming a lot of space.

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