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Wondershare Dr. Fone – Recover Deleted Files like a Pro from Android Phone

Wondershare can make the complicated task of recovering deleted and lost file from your android device a piece of cake.

No one can deny the fact that our Smartphones play a very important role in our day to day life.  Thanks to latest technology we now carry our own little world in our pocket through our Android phones – from contacts to memos to calendar – our phones carry them all in their seemingly small bodies. Moreover, these devices carry our lives and all its bits and pieces that also include our private and memorable moments in them and that is why they become so important to us. This is why, when you lose your date from your android phone it is nothing short of a catastrophe. It also means you are in big trouble with your day to day life as well.  Now there can be a lot of reasons for the loss of data including:


OS Malfunction

One of the most common reasons that can lead to losing data from your android phone is a faulty android operating system. Malfunctioning of your OS can be a glitch in the update or can also be something that the user did unknowingly. In any of the case, the feeling is really bad when you lose a whole chunk of your data instantly.

Human Error

What was that saying again- to err is human. We all make mistakes, we are human right. There are moments where we in unusual hurry press a wrong button and whoosh –all our data is lost. Now this button can be something as small as delete in your gallery or something as major as a factory reset.

Flashing Custom ROMS

When you root your android device the right way- you will never lose data. However, flashing custom ROMs on the same rooted android phone and the way that you went about the process can lead to some serious data loss.

I have given you enough depressing reading material for the moment. Now it is time for you to do some happy reading as well. I will now tell you how you can recover deleted files on Android phone. So continue reading below.

Deleting files from Android phones is a very common thing that we all do, either to just remove old pesky data that is unwanted or to empty more space for fresh stuff. However, ninety percent of the time when we are done deleting the files, we always end up finding that we have indeed deleted something important (got that de-ja-vu feeling?). Now if  you have found yourself in a similar situation one too many times, you need not mop around blaming yourself and repenting the loss of files that according to you will never come back. Don’t cry now, be a big boy and get up. Try Wondershare Dr fone for Android (android data recovery) and recover your deleted files from your Android phone.

Android date recovery

This is one of the fastest and easy to use file recovery software for Android devices. This software will help you recover various types of files like contacts, text messages audio, photos, videos, call history, documents as well as Whatsapp chat history. This software works for over 2000+ devices including brands like HTX, LG, Samsung and Motorola.

Run the program and connect your Phone

To start the process of recovery the first thing that you need to do is download and install Wondershare Dr. Fone to your PC or laptop. Once the installation is complete you are ready to launch the software. Now you can connect your phone to your laptop or PC with the help of a USB cable.

Download and Run Wondershare Mobile Trans

Once you have connected your phone with your laptop, make sure that the USB debugging mode is enabled on your android phone. This will allow Wondershare Dr. Fone to recognize the android device.

Once the software has recognized your android device, a small screen will appear to inform you that your phone is now all set to be scanned. Click ‘next’ so as to proceed

Select the file type on your Phone for recovery

If you android phone is rooted, you are going to need Superuser permission to Wondershare Dr. Fone. All you need to do is click ‘Allow’ when the pop-up appears to ask for permission.

Your phone is now all set to be scanned. Wondershare will now ask you to select the file that you want to scan. You will just need to check or uncheck the boxes- depending upon your requirements.

Step 4

Scan and recover lost files from Android device

The next pop-up screen will ask you to select the scan type. Now, the ‘Standard Mode’ of Wondershare looks for the deleted files as well as the files that are currently present on your device. The ‘Advance Mode’ comes later when ‘Standard Mode’ is unable to do the job on its own. For now select standard mode and click ‘next’.

Once the scan is complete, Wondershare will display the results. You can check the list of items displayed and the ones that you want to restore can be restored, all you need to do is click ‘recover’ button and have them restored to your android device.

Using Wondershare is easy and uncomplicated and even if you are one of the most tech-blind people around, this software will help you recover your files like a pro.

Sop go ahead get on your mission ‘File Recover’ and you can thank me later.

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