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Get Whatsapp Up and Running in your Tablet with a few simple Tricks

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social apps out there and it provides a great platform for people to stay connected. However, installing Whatsapp on you tablet is still tricky as it is not compatible with the said device. Learn how you can install Whatsapp on your tablet in the simplest manner possible.

When it comes to apps, I think all of you will know it by now that Whatsapp is undoubtedly my favourite- no competition there. It is a great way to stay connected with whoever you want and is easy to operate and according to everyone should have it- I am a social guy, what can I say. This is why I am always trying and helping people to get Whatsapp installed to their devices even when it is a tricky situation. For example, people with tablets often complain that they are unable to install Whatsapp in their devices and that is a big hassle. Well, even the mighty Whatsapp has its drawback. So I decided, to dedicate my write-up to this particular problem today. I will show you some tricks as to how you can install Whatsapp to your tablets, but a word of caution – when you do something that is restricted normally in the tech world, you do it at your own risk.


Now, I apologize to start with something negative but unfortunately by default, Whatsapp is not compatible with tablets still (I know this is a real pain). However, when you have me to help you can rest assured that I will find ways to work around these problems. So get ready because you have some work to do. Now some of the solutions can involve complex manoeuvres like rooting your device but the method I have in mind is way simpler than that and it works just fine. Read on and learn how to install Whatsapp on a tablet.

What you will need

The first thing that you will require to create a Whatsapp account is a phone number. Now, you need to be careful as to which number you are going to use. If you use your current phone number, than you will lose your present Whatsapp account which is functional on your smartphone as this account will be transferred to your tablet. This is why I will advise you to use a new SIM card and get a new number.

This is one of the easiest, hassle free not to mention cost-effective way to get Whatsapp on your tablet. All you need to do is insert the new SIM card first in your handset and copy your contacts to the new SIM before you start with the procedure.

You will need a new SIM for the Whatsapp account on your tablet

Installing Whatsapp on your tablet

  1. This is similar to installing Whatsapp to your smartphone. You download the latest Whatsapp version from Whatsapp website on your tablet. If you do not want to be redirected to the Google play store, use Chrome or Firefox and request Desktop site in the menu.
  2. Once you are there just click on Android download and the download will start on your tablet – easy stuff.

Ensure that you  visit the WhatsApp website in Desktop mode

  1. You need to make sure that the install is able to take place from unknown source. If you are confused how to do that, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sourceson your tablet. This will help you by installing .apks on your device that is otherwise not directly downloaded from Google Play. Now you need to know what you are downloading and installing- this is necessary if you have this setting long-term.
  2. Install the Whatsapp .apk on your tablet.
  3. Now all you need to do is launch this app and follow simple instructions. You will be asked to provide your number so that the application is authorized, just enter your number. You need to remember that the authentication will not happen automatically and you will receive a code in a text message which you will use to authorize the app.

A WhatsApp authorisation code will be sent to you via SMS

  1. Once the authorization is complete, all you need to do is set up your WhatsApp account as normal.
  2. You are all set. You Whatsapp on Tablet is up and running

The above mentioned process will help you set up a new Whatsapp account on your tablet (do not forget to share your new number with your friends). However, you can also transfer your current Whatsapp account from your smartphone to your tablet. You will just have to use the same steps with your current phone number.

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