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Problems With Whatsapp? Do not Worry – we will fix them

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most popular social app out there. We will help you get around the most common problems you may face while using this app.

These days, WhatsApp is almost as necessary for our communication as food is for our survival. There is no doubt in the fact that this app is one of the most used app out there – with an impressive 10 percent people on the planet using it every month. The stats are pretty impressive and go on to show that Whatsapp surely has a lot of things going right for it. However, my write up today will concentrate on what it gets wrong – that is right people, so get ready. Here are some of the most basic Whatsapp problems on the Android that no one really talks about and their solutions.


I am unable to install Whatsapp

The very first thing that you need to have in order to download the latest version of Whatsapp is to have a smartphone that is up and running Android version 2.1.  You need to check your latest Android version on your phone, in case you are unable to install Whatsapp.

How can I get Whatsapp on my Tablet?

Now this is a tricky situation, because if you have a tablet that works only with a Wi-Fi, then installing Whatsapp will be a problem. This is because you need a SIM card and a phone number top activate a Whatsapp account. You can make it work with the help of working cell phone, your phone number and a detailed solution guide to the problem – we will do that in another write up dedicated to this problem only. Although, a friendly advice – when something in the tech world is not allowed normally and you play around with it, you do so at your own risk.

My Whatsapp is not working (I can’t connect to Whatsapp)

Most of the time, connection problems with Whatsapp are caused by your network data connection or Wi-Fi.  In case you are facing problems in sending messages, these solutions might help:

  • Install the very latest version of Whatsapp (available at the Google play store)
  • Check your Wi-Fi or 3G connection (in Settings > Wireless and Network).
  • Empty the app cache (Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Clear Cache).
  • Check and recheck that your Task Killer is not affecting Whatsapp

In case none of the above works for you. You need to take some extreme solution measures – uninstall the app and then reinstall it.

We know that Whatsapp app is one of the best social networking app in the market and has build a formidable reputation, but sometimes even the most might experiences server issues. In case you feel that your Whatsapp is not working due to server issues, go to the Whatsapp Status Twitter account – outage updates are provided here.

How do I block contacts in Whatsapp?

Well we all have our reasons to block ahem certain individuals and I am certainly not here to judge- God knows i want to block some of them from my life.  So i will help you – although not from your life but certainly from your Whatsapp.  It is simple – all you need to do is go to the conversation, tap the option button (the three dots), tap More and then tap Block.

Why Whatsapp does not recognize my contacts

There can be a lot of reasons for Whatsapp not recognizing your contacts; this simple checklist will help you determine the cause:

  • Check whether you have the correct contact numbers
  • Ensure that the numbers are using Whatsapp
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of Whatsapp
  • Ensure that all the numbers in your contact list are ‘viewable’ and/or ‘visible’

I want to hide my Last Seen Timestamp in Whatsapp – How do I do that?

Yeah, we have all been there. This timestamp can create some tricky situations for people. And a lot of you just want to hide this trouble maker. It is simple; go to your settings, then to Account, then to Privacy. Now when you are in this menu, all you need to do is tap Last Seen and select Nobody. It means, no one can see the last time you had Whatsapp open. Now do not be so quick with your Thank-you. There is obviously a catch with this setting – when you enable this option, you will also be unable to see when your contacts were last online either. Fair enough I think.

Do I need to pay for Whatsapp?

Oh no – you do not. Whatsapp is entirely and completely free. So you need not worry about your pocket getting any lighter what with the recent inflation.

I am sure that this write-up will help a lot of you facing problems with your Whatsapp connection and usage.  A few simple steps and you are good to go.  And yes – You Are Always Welcome.

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