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How to make the upgrade the Smart Way

When you buy a new smartphone, your happiness is marred by the whole hassle of moving all your data to your new phone. This painless and quick guide will help you get up and running real fast.

When you buy yourself the latest android phone, the feeling of joy cannot be explained- a lot of tech geeks like me will relate to this emotion as our phones open up a whole new world of discoveries for us. However, this feeling of euphoria is quickly dampened when we realize that we are in for some real work. Yes, you are right – moving all your stuff to the new phone. The whole task of moving your data to your new smartphone can be a real pain. I am a real loyal fan of Android and it is true that it does outperforms IOS at a tight integration with cloud services, but unfortunately it pains me a lot to say that when it comes to transferring all your old phone stuff onto the new phone – Google still has a task at its hand.


However, after all that is said and done, I do have good news for all you Android users who want a hassle free  way to make the above mentioned task easier. With the help from the right Google tools, third part apps and of course a dose of patience, you can easily get rid of misery and irritation that is a very familiar part of prepping your new device. Now, this might take some work, so you need to have perseverance and it will pay off.

Keep an eye on your backup options

The very first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are signed in to your Android phone with your Google account.  All you need to do is go into Settings and then find Backup and reset.  Now you need to flip on your Back up my data and Automatic restore and make sure that your Google account is linked. When you do this, all your application data, Wi- Fi passwords and other phone settings are available to you when you sign in into your new phone.

Now a lot of smartphone device giants like Samsung, give the users their own backup solutions. With a Samsung device you can use the Back up my data option to your Samsung account and this will save your contacts, phone logs, email accounts and text messages which you have used with Samsung’s apps. However, not all you are going to buy a new Samsung device so can just turn this feature off.

Breaking news – you have more settings

Your backup toolkit is now under control so now you need to turn your attention to another Setting app.

Your smartphone will show you another app called Google Settings (with an Android Marshmallow, this will be a section in the regular settings app). This app controls a number of different services that are connected to your Google account.

This app offers a lot of useful controls for saving your data.

 Go to the Smart Lock for Passwords control- this control stores your passwords from all the supporting apps and websites to your Google account. This will help you to sign in with Chrome without re-entering your password in your new phone.

Now another setting that can come in handy for you is Google Photos Backup.  This setting helps in saving all your photos and videos into the safe arms of Google Photos.  This setting offers user unlimited storage – you just need to put up with a little bit of compression.

Transfer MMS and SMS messages

This is probably the most irritatingly inconsistent part of the transfer process. Now for my advice- use an over the top service.  With the help of Hangouts or Facebook Messenger, all you need to do is sign in and all your messages are right there – just like that. The same thing goes for Whatspp that just launched backup with Google drive.

Although if you ask me, SMS or MMS really are not that important but different things work for different people and if you are really that set on moving those – SMS Backup & Restore is my favourite solution for you.  Although, you need some patience when you work through some of these options. This app offloads your messages to a microSD card or just transfer them to another PC.

With SMS Backup you offload your text messages and easily import them to a new device.

Get Music Ready Instantly

Starting with your music from scratch is a real hassle and irritating and you really do not want to do that. This is why it is quicker for you to go for a streaming service like Spotiify, Groove, Amazon music or any other of your favourite service.

You can also use Google Play Music as it is one of the best way to transfer music to your new phone.  Go to the settings in your browser and then upload your music to the desktop version of Google Play Music and on your new phone, all you need to do is sign in to Play Music and all your tracks are there.

Smartphone softwares to help you make the move

A lot of smartphones now offer software to help you make the transition easier. Samsung offers its own app called Smart Switch while Motorola has its own Migrate application that is quite similar to Smart Switch.

I am sure that the write-up showed you some easy ways to transfer all your stuff to your new phone but I will still advice you to store all your critical date in a Google Account which will work as the main home for your email, photos and contacts.

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