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Android Auto – Is It Really Worth It?

Android Auto came into the tech market with a lot of hype, but is it really worth all the publicity or is it just another needless tech feature?

The times that we live in are extraordinary, with technology so advance and slick that it can fascinate even the most stringent traditionalist. Now Google and Apple are two mobile operating systems, Android and iOS respectively that have taken over our everyday lives. These savvy systems with their chic applications are keeping all of us on our toes round the clock and making everything so easily accessible to us that it surely looks like magic. From live-group editing documents to clicking photos, you get whatever you want whenever you want with simple clicks.

With the help of our tablets and our smartphones, the variants of these systems are now making their way into our automobiles in the form of Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Android Auto is not really a new thing in the market as it was unveiled in June last year and since then it has been making a lot of waves in the tech market. This platform offer the users many interesting features like maps, voice control, calling, playback for music and podcasts, sending messages and more.

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It is true that Android Auto does appear a great gizmo package for your automobile, the question remains whether it actually offer the users anything useful or is it just another needless distraction that we can do without?

Are you confused? I will simplify it for you. Let us take an example – do you really need something that is built in your car console to show your maps? Most of us these days use our smartphones that are held up right in front of our eyeline to help us get the GPS navigation.  Now these maps are available to us, right in front of our eyes which make it very convenient for us to concentrate on the road as well as navigate without taking our eyes off the road.

Now these new integrated solutions that are taking the market by storm are all placed in the middle of the console which means that you will need to take your eyes off the road so as to see where you need to go. However, you also have voice based navigation that helps you to drive without looking at the screen but a lot of us do not find that comfortable. Also, the accent on a lot of these navigation services makes it very hard to use them.

Now one other advantage that the new Android Auto or for that Matter Apple CarPlay is suppose to give the user is that gives your car voice commands to take over many basic controls.  This feature can come in handy if you are looking for a quick car status check or if it is integrated with the correct system so that it can adjust the car temperature or play songs. All this sounds great, till the time you consider how difficult it is for your car to understand you correctly, unless of course your car system is flawless – because most of us are not really that lucky.

Let us be honest, having a conversation with your car is nothing but a distraction, especially when you need to double check everything that you say and what it heard – also let us not forget that depending upon voice controls for most of the features is nothing but a waste of time. Most of the cars in the market today come with steering wheels that have control buttons for your music, volume, call answer button while the instrument panel in front of your eyes gives you all the information that you need about the car like engine temperature, the RPM, speed of the car and much more.

When we talk about things like tyre pressure, RPM information or the speed – Android Auto does nothing but add an extra layer for you as drivers to features you already have access to.  According to me, whether it is Android Auto or Apple CarPlay – they do not appear to enhance or upgrade the driving experience of the user, all they really do is repackage and shrink every single information as well as feature that is already present in the car on a single screen. This may appear convenient but can also be very distractive without being that useful.

All said and done, Android Auto surely came in the market with a lot of hype and publicity and it does seemingly offer some great features. However, if you look closely you will see that it offers nothing really special or new and you may just end up getting confused with the whole thing once you get it.

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