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Looking for the best Screen Recorder For Android 5 – We will help you

With the new Android 5 Lollipop, the whole process of screen recording has become as easy as recording screencasts on your desktop. You just need the right app to help you do it.

A lot of you with Android 5 face the problem of finding an app that would support screen recording. This is one issue that gave me headaches so I have full sympathy with you all. This write up is for all those restless worried souls who are looking for a great support screen recording app and are unable to decide on one. Well, you do not have to worry anymore because I have done all the hard work for you and I will help you decide the best app for your Android 5 device.  You can thank me later.


To decide on the best screen supporting app for Android 5, I went to the Google play store and my quick search showed a dozen Android apps that support screen recording for Android v5 .  Now some of these apps available are free while others are not free and you will have to shell out some bucks to get your hands on them, although most of these apps whether paid or free have similar set of features. These apps allow you to record the screen and the on-screen touches, this feature means that the user has a better idea about how you are interacting with the apps. Now, these apps also allow the viewer to record external microphone audio, however, my search showed that most of these apps do not allow recording of internal system audio.  Alas, that is one limitation of the Android platform and you have to live with it.

Now all my search and research showed me that Mirror is the most popular option for a screen recording app. This app will not only record your Android screen but will also help you to mirror your phone to your desktop with the help of AllCast Receiver – a free app for Chrome. The best thing about this app is that you do not have to mess your head with any complicated settings to choose from. Moreover, this app offers a smooth recording which makes it great. But hold on, let us not forget that everything comes with a flipside – the biggest negative thing about this app is that it adds a very big watermark and you do not have the choice to disable it.

Apart from the Mirror app, Shou TV is another app for Android 5 that allows user to record as well as live cast your phone screen to the watermark- sounds familiar? And now you are scratching your head as to why I should tell you about an app that is almost the same as Mirror. Do not be in such a hurry, because there is a difference and you will like it – The Shou TV does all the above mentioned tasks minus the watermark.  Now your brain cells are moving right? Well, there is more of the good news; this app can save the video in multiple formats like MKV, AVI and MOV. Although, you will notice a lag when you cast the screen on the desktop and this is why it is not as popular as Mirror and way less usable.

I care for you guys and that is why I kept my search going and came up with a few more apps.  Rivulus, Misty and Hecorat are apps with screen recorders that allows user to record the android screen, in various resolutions like the 1280×720 and 1920×1080 pixels at 30 frames per second.  With these apps you can record videos of unlimited strength with no ads and the recorded screencast can even display touches. However, the downside of these apps is that they add their icons in the notifications window while the recordings are under progress.

One other app in this category is SCR which comes with a very distinct feature where you can add the picture in picture effects to your screencasts.  I can imagine a big question mark on your faces because the whole thing may sound a bit technical so let me simplify it for you – it means you can use the front camera of your phone while at the same time overlay a live video of yourself on the screencast.  However, the last time I checked, the developer seems to have removed the app from the store.

Rec is another app that offers a very clean interface and allows you as a user to save your settings as separate presets. Just turn off the screen and it will stop the current recording session. The one downer of this app is that you will need to upgrade if you want the screen touches to show and the microphone to record.

It is true that most of these screen capture programs for Android are similar but I was quite taken with Telecine. An open source screen recorder that offers you a minimal and uncomplicated interface, Telecine also displays a 3-second countdown which means you have enough time to hide the actual recorder app from the screencast.

I am sure that my write up must have helped you to decide on the best app for your Android 5 device. However,  I will advise you to go with Telecine- this has all the feature you need bundled in a simple interface, with no ads, no time limits and no watermarks in the recorded screencasts.

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