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HTC One M10 – A Glimpse at What is to Come

The new HTC One M10 is all set to make its official launch for the public on April 12.  From all the speculations swirling around the new set, we can figure   out that it will be a Snapdragon 820 -powered device with 4GB of RAM and a 5.1-inch screen. These features were later confirmed by a GFXBench database listing. HTC is known to always test and tease the power of their devices and it has not changed for HTC One M10. The leaks on this device show a black version of the set alongside  the silver one.

I am sure that you are all excited to know more about this device, so gear up and get ready, as I will provide you all the dirt I have so far about the HTC One M10.

Release Date

You already know that, so no surprises there. As I mentioned above, the HTC One M10 will be released on April 12. The company has issued invites for the launch of the much awaited device, but the event is an online-only affair which will kick off at 13.00 GMT. The company released an image of HTC One M10 on its Facebook page on February 24 and I have to say that I was impressed with what I saw. The specs are rumoured to compete with Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, which were recently unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona.

The name HTC One M10

You cannot deny the fact that this phone has garnered a lot of attention even before its release, for example even the name is a topic of speculation. There is a lot of contemplation going around the name and whether it will be called HTC One M10 upon release.  The speculation is the result of the subpar performance of the M9 and it is speculated that the company wants to rebrand with this new model.

In the beginning, it came out that the device would be called HTC O2, but then this was let go and the name was replaced with HTC Perfume, however that idea was killed too.

HTC One M10 Price

It might not be officially announced but we all know how it works – right. The phone is obviously expected to be a high-end flagship and therefore the launch price will supposedly be around US$700.

However, QuickMobille-Romanian retailer, jumped the gun on pre-orders and it seems to be offering the gray, silver or gold 32 GB variant of the HTC One M10 for US$830.

HTC One M10 Specs

On March 29, the GFX Bench database posted the leaked specs list for the HTC One M10.   The post talks about a 5.1-inch QHD AMOLED screen, 4GB RAM Snapdragon 820 processor and 32 GB of internal storage. According to the specs the camera features a 12 MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera. All the details of the phone match the ones which were leaked earlier. These specs are detailed below:

HTC One M10 - AndroGuru

Renowned leakster, Evan Blass continues supplying viable leaks on the new HTC One M10.  According to his latest posts, the new set comes with a QHD Super LCD 5 display which contradicts the earlier rumours about an AMOLED display. The super LCD is superior to the standard LCD screens as the glare is reduced and the visibility in far better because the air gap between the glass and display itself is eradicated. Moreover, the battery size as provided by Evans was also listed as being 3000mAh.

Apart from Evans, another famous leakster @LlabTooFer tweeted that the new set will be available to customers in three different versions, and three different memory sizes: 16, 32 and 64 GB. However, the availability of these versions will supposedly depend upon the market from which you will shop for the set.

HTC One M10 Design

The design of the new set has been under the radar, after Evan Blass tweeted in January that “if you like the A9, you’ll love the M10”. The tweet suggested that the giant was sticking to its iPhone guns for this M10 design as well –despite the fact that A9 received a lot of flak.

Evan Blass lends credibility to his claims after he tweeted the image supposedly showing off the new HTC M10 and the picture is surely quite similar to the HTC One A9. However, there are a few minor changes like the home button is more rounded which makes it even more like the iPhone. Also, the HTC logo is noticeably absent from the front and the boom sound speakers are also not present.

He also hints that the HTC One M10 will be available to customers in a lot of colour variants, including an all-black device, black-on-silver device  and white-on-silver device.

All said and done HTC One M10 sure sounds like a great gadget up till now. Let us hope that the original thing will impress us even more.

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