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Smartphone Charging Problems? – These Smart Tips May Help

Smartphones have definitely made our life easier and well –smarter (pun intended).  You can now almost do anything and everything with your smartphone on the go. However, most often than not we all have faced one problem with our smartphones that just leaves us frustrated and well helpless – I mean it is technology, how can you help it –right?

The problem is the battery not charging properly and we try to fret and fuss and have a fight match with our charger without any success. Have you ever wondered why you never win this battle? It is simple – the problem is not always with the charger or battery, there might be another reason.

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I can see you are still wrapping your head around this. Well gear up because I am going to provide you with 7 smartest ways to fix the charging issue in your smartphone. (And you can thank me later)

Fix up that USB port    

It is time to roll up your sleeves and do some of that repair work yourself- nothing heavy, of course, so do not get too worried. A little handiwork on the actual hardware and most of the time it works perfectly.  The metallic surface of the USB port as well as the micro USB charger may lose contact for a reason we do not need to know. All you need to know is that you can resolve this issue by simply shutting down your Android device take out the battery and using a toothpick or some other pointed thingy, lever up the little tab inside the USB port. You need to be careful and gentle – we do not need to damage anything.

Cable swap might be solution

Cables are one of the most important as well as delicate parts of the charger. Sometimes rough handling can cause damage that can cause problems in charging. Try changing the USB cable randomly and voila!  Your phone is happily charging away.  Deciphering a faulty cable culprit is easy- just try out different cables with your device and you will get your problem sorted.

Clean up the messy eatables and dust

You need to repeat after me – Charging ports are not storage houses for chocolate and candy bits or lint. If your port is stuffed with all that mess, how can the poor thing perform? A blow of compressed air will get rid of the irritants and your USB connection may restore normal function.

Avoid charging in humid conditions

Humid conditions can be quite damaging for your smartphone, also overcharging must be avoided as it can destroy your device. It is also extremely dangerous as it can lead to a battery explosion. Moreover, if you are planning to substitute your original charger with a third party charger, then you need to make sure you choose a high quality device that is in compliance with all kind of electrical safety standards.

Check the adapter

Once you have made sure that your cable is working fine, you need to take a look at your wall plug adapter. Most of the time it happens that the USB port becomes loose after plugging in many times and starts malfunctioning. If you want to make sure whether it is the problem you are facing, then you simply need to use your adapter with several different devices and if the adapter is not functioning with multiple devices, you simply need to change it. Also ensure that your wall sockets are functioning properly.

Charge from the proper source

Old habits die hard and I understand that perfectly. However, you need to stop charging your phone from your laptop or PC.  Charging from the socket is advisable because devices like laptops do not usually deliver the power required to charge your phone. A proper socket can provide twice the amount of energy. Also try not to charge from a different phone charger. Just like your PC or laptop, another phone or Bluetooth headset charger may not provide the right amount of power to your smartphone.

Change the battery

Just like any other electronic device, the battery also comes with a limited life. Their efficiency to perform can drastically go down after a few years. You also need to remember that the more frequently your recharge your batter, the sooner they lose their efficiency. You can also easily spot a defective battery in certain cases, as they might bulge out or start leaking fluids. If you notice any of the two things happening – change your battery ASAP, as the bulging can distort the shape of your handset and the leaking will pretty much destroy your phone.

Roll Back

We all love to gear up our phones with new apps and software updates.  However, these updates can destroy the battery life of your device. While the new smartphones are usually designed to take advantage of the latest softwares and older version of the smartphome may not have the same capacity and therefore end up struggling with the new updates.  You can just get rid of all the extra software or throw all caution to the wind and get yourself a better smartphone.

We all face problems with battery charging and I am sure that the above tips will solve most of your issues, unless the problem is much serious. So enjoy your smartphone experience sans the battery problems and ‘You are Welcome’

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