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Pipe Micro Messenger

Pipe Micro Messenger - Messaging Apps for Android - AndroGuru.comThere have been many occasions where millions of mobile users find it difficult to keep in touch and constantly communicate for various things. Various companies and developers were always brainstorming on how to make the whole experience even more quicker and easier and finally we have with us Hashpolls LLC’s – Pipe Micro Messenger which is launched on the Google Play Store. We have been using this app for over 23 hours and would say that it should have been a paid app considering the features and state-of-the-art features to make the whole messaging and communicating experience all in a tap. In simple words, Pipe Micro Messenger is a refreshing way to connect with friends and family. With the help of Pipe Micro Messenger, you can communicate anything just using a simple dot in a pre-established context.

Elaborating on what is a dot, we would state that it is a simple notification received at the right moment playing as a smartest alternative to missed calls. Leading with a few examples on how a dot can be used :

  • Dot me on pipe as soon as you leave from the Shopping Mall.
  • Dot me if you are going to be late to office.
  • Dot me once you have received your delivery.
  • Dot me after college if you want to go play football.

We enjoyed using Pipe Micro Messenger although it lacks design and user experience to some extent, but Pipe Micro Messenger has a huge potential to rule the quick messaging arena in United States, India, China, Japan, Russia and Australia. We have requested people from different walks of life to have a go with Pipe Micro Messenger and they reaction at the start was not what we though of but as days passed, they began loving it. We will surely be waiting to cover an exclusive interview with the Pipe Micro Messenger team in the near future so that if you are an app developer aspiring to learn how they made it, you can only on As of now there is no replacement or alternative app that you can use in place of Pipe Micro Messenger so you got to deal with it in every way. The entire experience of putting the whole fast messaging ping experience on to an Android app is amazing.

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You can be notified for he best Android development internship opportunity in Goa, trending status of a top Hollywood news, sports breaking news, best Android app reviews in India as well as best colleges around your state. The list is huge and keeps on going on. Pipe Micro Messenger is not at all addictive but makes you keep track of stuff that you would be forgetting or would love to know given the chance. From now on you can order the yummiest pizza in town with a single tap, recharge your phone with a single tap, book tickets to the latest movie as well as get a taxi to take you around.


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