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Android vs Windows

Android is better than Windows

I have been using Android phones for past four years and have seen things changing a lot since then. From Gingerbread to Lollipop, everything from the software to the apps, from UI to looks and from tools to widgets has changed a lot. Google is lighting the lamps in the night to provide its users with best experience with its home OS Android and it’s Android Wear. On the other hand the Microsoft owned Windows OS hasn’t left a penny unturned to compete with its major rival Google. Android OS has the largest installed base of all general purpose operating system and is being used for almost all the gadgets from mobiles to tablets, televisions to watches and cameras to automobiles. Android runs 80% of the smart phones in the world.

Android vs Windows

Devices running on Android are selling more than iOS, Windows and Mac OS devices combined while Microsoft’s Windows OS system is more popular amongst computers and laptops. Microsoft took a wiser decision and came into the cell phone market with their Lumia devices with Windows operating system which had a minor but worrying impact on the smartphone companies with Android based devices. Whenever people plan to buy a new cell phone the first thing that comes to mind is Android. However there are some businessmen who might think for an ample of days before buying a device with Android OS.

So today I am going advise you in what ways stock Android outwits Microsoft’s Windows OS. The first thing the smartphone needs to have is better looks.


Android is a user friendly customizable OS so much so that everything on the Android platform can be customized. There are ample of themes available for android based mobiles. The icons on the screen are displayed in rows along the home screen with quite a lot of space between them which looks neat and awesome if we take Windows app list into consideration. Android allow users to pin the widgets and apps on the home screen for ease of access while in the case of Windows 8.1 they allow

users to pin whatever they want and how they want in the form of live tiles. However the Android screen is easy to use and isn’t confusing as Windows screen is. Both the operating systems have a pull down notification bar which allows you to access to the notifications and commonly used settings toggles where Android took a leap with its lollipop update that drops down the bar as much as needed and also gives detailed notification on the lock screen. That looks pretty cool with material UI.

User Interface

Android UI are more appealing than windows. It also makes sure that the notifications aren’t intrusive, by letting you to having them pop up at the edge of the screen in a little box, rather than filling up the whole screen.

When it comes to calling and texting Android phones easily beat the Windows phones, as it syncs with Facebook, Google+ and other accounts and makes the contact list more social. It also let you to see contact’s status update.


No matter which operating system you are using, apps play a vital role. Each operating system has their own app store with thousands of apps. Google’s Play Store consists of around 1.6 million apps from developers all around the world while Windows store consists of as low as 3.4 lakhs of apps.

If you want to have a wide variety of apps then Android will serve you better, but if you want to stick to big names like Facebook, Instagram etc then windows still have an advantage. Although Play Store has business apps like Microsoft Office products, windows phones have native support from Microsoft with greater features. Gamers should consider that Android has a wide variety of games from different platforms.

With Google’s lacks of apps and customizable features it can do almost everything that Windows phones can do. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft launched one of its major project, Cortana. Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft and works in a similar way as Google Now. Both of them are great and helpful in their own way. Some of the similarities between the two are they gather the information from your daily routine, such as your road to work and may give you the traffic warning.

They both respond to voice and written commands and may sometimes reply if possible. They interact with all the apps present on your phone and allows you to set alarm, set reminders, perform a web search, search for the latest movies or book the movie tickets. But still Google Now beats Cortana as Cortana is not good in understanding and carrying out commands. Google Now also responds at anytime to “OK Google” and the operation is completely hands free. You can also make some major changes in the settings like instead of “OK Google” you can add your own words by downloading the supporting apps like Google Mic+. The Android phones have a faster and often updates while windows lacks the same.


Earlier it wasn’t very difficult to say that Android is better operating system than Windows, but now with windows 8.1 it seems like Android also has a promising competitor with additional features like Cortana, action center and much more.

While Windows phones are sleek, colorful and impressive, Android phones have better features and customization options.

If you just want something that works and looks good than Windows is a better choice, but if you are a tech-savvy, want to have a number of games and apps and willing to have a larger and stronger platform than “Android is the Best.”

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