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Gapoon -Professional Services Android App Review

Gapoon for Android – One-stop Home Services

Gapoon for AndroidThere are times when we want to help our friends but just cannot because of other commitments or sometimes need help with our own work. In the same thought, there is one young entrepreneur who hails from Bangalore who has implemented something electronic and digital that would make the whole process a whole lot easier and quicker. We are talking about a full-fledged on-demand market service that consists of anything and everything that a household would need in India.

Apoorva Mishra founded Gapoon this year (2015) in order to offer the best solutions to all possible home problems which range from plumbing to laptop repairs. We have been using Gapoon for Android for approximately two weeks and are waiting for this service to launch countrywide. We will get to know more from Apoorva very soon once we sit across the table and discuss his journey and future plans.

Firstly, Gapoon for Android is something different and has a lot of potential in the Indian market considering the fact that finding services is difficult and sometimes gives one a headache. So why not make it simpler ?

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Gapoon for Android in terms of user-interface can do much better considering the team working round the clock to improve the whole experience. As for design, there could be some enhancements here and there that would make it even more awesome to use on a day-to-day basis. This is an Android application for the mom doing the dishes up-to the garbage-man so it would get any job in the category list done quicker and without sweating. That’s what the current generation likes. It is just like sending a message to a friend, and help turns up.

In terms of payments and remuneration, all the prices are given in detail and totally transparent that makes everything so much easier. Gapoon for Android has a great future and don’t you want to know when it is coming to your city ??

After using this app for 3-4 days, our team got a little bored and had some suggestions to improve the whole user-experience. We got a lot of chores done and even got a leaky tap fixed in the garage. Gapoon is our best friend from now on, provided the team works harder to improve it overall. The best feature is “Express Booking” that is like the cherry on top of the cake that we are leaving for you as a user to try out and express about it in your comments, emails, shares and views.

The whole working of Gapoon is totally simple and very easy for you to figure out. If you would like to know more about Gapoon for Android, we would be there to cover more about the features soon…

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