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Lookup : Chat with local shops

Lookup – One Stop Secure Shopping App

Lookup: Chat with local shopsLookup is a state of the art free messaging app that is secure and makes shopping and searching for services as simple as chatting with your friends or colleagues. With Lookup, a user can converse with local stores, restaurants, doctors, service providers and even delivery services. It does not happen anymore as a one way connection like how we search for services on any other e-commerce platforms.Lookup 1 Lookup 2Lookup 2

All you got to do is : 

• Select the shop/service/company you would want to have a conversation with.
• Message them your enquiry.
• Receive an answer from the shop/service/company within a short span of five minutes. Lookup 1

If you use this amazing app from now on, we can guarantee you that you will not be spending any money on calls and waiting on hold for transfer from one department to another. It has all changed because of “Lookup” !

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Lookup 1

Key Features of Lookup : 

• A user can seamlessly share photos of his/her grocery list with your local grocery and get it delivered directly to your doorstep.
• Table reservations and orders can be made to restaurants within the locality. Lookup 1
• Information out various services and products can be filtered according to location as well as liking.
• Appointments can be booked at hospitals, clinics, salons and even spas.

Apart from Lookup having no limitations, the app can support services which include restaurants, florists, medical stores, electronic and mobile dealers, laundry services, jewellery outlets, automobile dealers, water bottle dealers and a lot more …..

There’s just one more thing we can add to Lookup – Save memory, money and time, Lookup does it all !

In case you are a business owner and want to list your business on Lookup and start interacting with users for more business, then you just got to follow the steps below. Want to list your shop/business on Lookup?

Under Settings, “Claim your Business” -> Customer queries can be responded to immediately  -> Customer base starts growing on a daily basis.

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