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Android vs Apple

5 reasons to choose Android over iOS

Android vs AppleI want to thank the team for letting me post my views here. I’ve been a fan of both Android and AndroGuru for very long now. Their article on the best gaming apps on Android was a fun read. Thank you

From the moment Steve Jobs said he would go to ‘thermonuclear war’ with Google over Android, we have been in the midst of an arms race between the two largest tech companies on the planet. On the one side we have severely restricted and tightly controlled iOS and on the other we have freely available and somewhat ubiquitous Android.

If you, like hundreds of others, are on the lookout for a phone that works best, here are the five reasons you should go with the green bot over the apple.

The Size of the Store

There was a time when the biggest draw for Apple was the sheer number of apps available on the App Store. I mean, the company literally created the first marketplace for mobile apps and has been reaping the rewards for it ever since. Even when Google came up with the Play Store, the quality of the apps simply weren’t as good as the ones on the iPhone.

Furthermore, the app ecosystem was very much fragmented on the Play Store as there were just too many devices to choose from.

Things have changed a lot over the past seven years. In 2014, the number of apps on Google’s store overtook the number on the App Store. Play Store had 1.4 million while App Store had 1.2 million. The way the marketplace has blossomed today would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.  Developers who wouldn’t even consider Android now write for it first. Even the quality has improved.

As devices start looking more and more similar regardless of the manufacturer, the single biggest competitive advantage phone makers have is the software and here Google’s Android takes the cake.

Customizable Interface

Okay, I’ll admit it, I used an iPhone for many years before finally making the move to Android and the single biggest reason why I did so was the lack of customization. iOS was developed along the lines of minimalism and simplicity. The company was grounded in the belief that with complete control over the interface of the phone you can be given an experience of the highest quality with minimal complexity.

And all that is fine. Yes, it is easier using iOS and perhaps the look is pretty. But is it functional? As a run-of-the-mill millennial, I’m used to tweaking things around me till they suit me just right. I see the phone as an extension of myself and the homogeneity of iOS was simply unbearable after a while.

On the contrary, Android lets you change and tweak literally everything you lay eyes on the screen.  All you need to do is get CyanogenMod and you can simply rip away all the features you don’t like and keep all the ones you do. Want a new home-screen launcher? A different keyboard? How about a custom mail app? It’s all there on Android and you can make your smartphone look and behave exactly the way you want.

Micro USB

Imagine this – You’ve been out all night partying with friends and have ended up sleeping on one of their couches. You wake up and notice your phone’s battery is dying so you ask around to see if anyone has a charger you could use. Now if you are an iPhone user, you’re out of luck, but if you have an Android phone chances are someone will have a microUSB cord.

Over the years smartphones have become exponentially more powerful but the power of the batteries that run these devices have stayed all but stagnant. At the end of the day you will need to look for a way to charge your phone, and if you have one that works on a more freely available technology, then life is a lot easier. Most Android phones work on a microUSB while iPhones have always come with custom charging cables designed by Apple.

Flexibility and Choice

Okay, maybe flexibility and choice are really two reasons but they both sum up all that Android has to offer. There is a lot more choice and there is simply a lot more you can do with an Android phone than with an iPhone.

The Paradox of Choice theory states that the more choices we have, the more we feel like the choice we’ve made is wrong. Android disproves this theory. There is a phone designed for almost every sort of individual and the phones can be further customized once you buy them. You can simply take out and replace the old battery you’ve been running without cumbersome appointments with the Genius Bar.

You can change the skin of the operating system and install CyanogenMod while expanding storage with a microSD card. Even the wide variety of handsets works in Android’s favor. If you want a waterproof phone you have the Sony Xperia Z3 and if you like high-end phones grab aOnePlus One. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4has one of the best cameras around.

You can even customize the security on your Android phone. Installing a Virtual Private Network is the best way to protect your personal data and keep hackers out. Especially since many of use public Wi-Fi to save on our data plans.

You’ll be spoilt for choice in the Android world and that is one of the most fun things about switching over.

No more iTunes

This is less of a reason to pick Android and more of a reason to quit using iOS. Apple is a multibillion dollar company with a valuation that rivals the GDP of many developed countries. But for all their resources, they can never quite seem to get this very crucial service right.

The software is the tech version of Frankenstein’s monster – full of bloatware. You can’t even uninstall it properly without jumping through a few hoops. Removing it is such a pain, Apple even had to publish a whole guide on how to do it.

Android on the other hand is really simple. You use an app like iSyncr and simply drag and drop the music you want to download. Not to mention the whole host of apps that let you download and store your own music on the device. The satisfaction of using a device this open is only fully appreciated after you’ve moved away from iTunes.

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