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Top 5 Gaming Apps for May 2015

AndroGuru_Top 5 Apps of the MonthMobiles are a life line for us in various situations. Whether it’s an event we’re getting bored or a conversation we no longer need to be a part of, the coolest and surest way to get out of it is to whip out your phone and look extremely “busy”.

The good thing is that phones can provide us with various options to get out of sticky situations. There are a host of apps and games you can download to pass time when you have nothing better to do or maybe make a boring metro or bus ride interesting. If the next time you feel out of options or are tired of playing the same old games, download these gaming apps that will surely make it hard for you to leave your phone alone:

Dungeon Hunter 5

This game is for all the freaks who love getting lost in a fantasy world and perhaps own Xbox and PlayStation as well because their love for games never end. Dungeon Hunter takes you to a magical land through your smartphone and you’re present in the Kingdom of Valenthia which has been thrashed. You get to embark on a journey, sword in hand, hacking and slashing your way through the game restoring the kingdom and fighting demons of darkness.

 In your fantasy kingdom you can rebuild it, fight demons and conquer fearsome dragons to become the most notorious and famous warrior. Doesn’t this game give you goose bumps already ? The best part that its free!

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Despicable Me Minion Rush

If you’ve watched the movies, then minions need no introduction. Minions are cute, adorable and irresistible creatures that just win our hearts with their appearance and all one wants is own a minion of his own to do all his evil bidding.

In the game you get to visit iconic locations from the movie such as the amusement park, the jelly lab, the beach as well as El Macho’s Lair. The aim of the game is to collect as many fruits as possible to help the minions make tasty jelly which lets you have super fun in a silly way as you enjoy the adventure along with these yellow creatures.

You can also make your minion wear the darkest costumes from the movies and because the game is so adorably cute you won’t stop playing it!

Crack Attack

Crack attack is sure to catch your attention as it’s a board matching game with interesting twists. It makes the same old matching game unique with its own fun.

It has good visuals, a good story and it’s addictive. You have to smash hundreds of eggs to free trapped creatures that have been taken hostage by the Eggs-terminator. It’s an easy game to pick up where you can build your own sequences without having to just make lines like in Bejeweled. There are all kinds of eggs to get in your way- they’ll smash, they’ll be made of glass or they won’t crack at all. You need to think out of the “Egg” to get out of trouble and once you get the hang of it you won’t stop playing it.

Paradise Island 2

Do you dream to build your own chain or restaurants, hotels and just be boss living the posh life? This game makes it possible for you to be in charge of your very own island where you can make your own city a world class tourist attraction and build hotels in an economical way that gets you the earnings you want.

Make your island an unforgettable tourist destination with loads of adventure and fun offering tourists fine restaurants, deluxe hotels and other innovative ways you can think of attracting new customers. This game will surely keep you busy for hours with its ability to work in offline mode as well.

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Hidden Artifacts

If you love detective novels, mystery and suspense then this game is definitely for you. You get to investigate a great mystery to uncover the truth in this hidden object game that is sure to add a lot of drama and suspense. Try not getting lost when you try to find your way through the mysteries and unlock exciting locations in London and Rome.

You can enjoy the game uninterrupted in high quality and the grasping story line will surely leave you mesmerized and hooked from the word go. Collect coins to barter for time, solve cases and connect to Facebook to share your progress with friends.

It’s a game that will surely pass your time in the most intriguing and riveting way possible!

Download these games to make the best of your free time and your smartphone and make moments of life enjoyable.

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