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Smart Announcer for Android

Smart Announcer

Smart Announcer for AndroidIn today’s really fast world in terms of transit and work-load, people have become busier than ever which gives them no time to have a look at other avenues. Nevertheless, some mobile users have ample of time to while away with something or the other on their smartphone so this gives both the walks of life to try out this really handy and smart app that has been created and published on the Google Play Store. Smart Announcer is officially designed and created by Android Ardent and is compatible on all Android devices running Android 2.3 and above. Even though Smart Announcer was released on 6th April 2015, the app has already got 10,000-50,000 downloads which is pretty good. 

Basically, Smart Announcer for Android provides a totally hands-free option for selective/all incoming calls, short messaging services (SMS) and even notifications. In order for the Android app to act in this way, there are sections programmed to fetch data from the Contacts and announce incoming calls depending on the options selected. In the same manner, SMS messages can be announced and even read.

We have been using Smart Announcer for Android for approximately 2 weeks and are truly satisfied with the user experience and features. Since this is the company’s first “notification caller” app they are bound to upgrade the features and move on with a material design soon. Our design staff has rated this as one of the best Smart Responders to be created in India and has to potential to take on various other apps in the same arena developed in India. Apart from just the UI and total experience, we are glad to see that this app does not have bugs and if so there are, the Android Ardent team works their heart out to release a revised update within no time. If your devices data connection is enabled then there will be a small rectangular ad section below the app screen which sometimes gets annoying so you could disable the connection accordingly for your convenience.

Key Features of Smart Announcer :

  • Total hands-free experience which gives ultimate flexibility to respond to SMS messages and even calls on-the-go.
  • Announcement of the name of the person sending a message of calling provided the contact is saved.Smart Announcer for Android
  • If the contact has not been saved, the number would be read out accordingly.
  • Enable and Disable as well as announcement repetitions can be set.
  • Local language announcements (Note : If supported by the device)
  • Announcements can be done as per mode set on the phone. (Silent Mode, Normal Mode, Meeting Mode, etc)
  • Pitch and Rate of the Voice can be modified.
  • User friendly and smooth user interface.
  • User can control a lot of options with Time Announcer.

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