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LG G4 teasers show more on Quantum IPS display and camera

Among all big companies like Sony, Apple, Samsung and HTC, there is one company which has not lost the limelight and it is LG Electronics a.k.a LG in short. I am happy to see that LG is manufacturing devices that are reliable since the LG G Pro. LG has been constantly sharing information through videos and images about the flagship. In addition, I am glad to know that this flagship will be a Dual-SIM powered device.

In both the videos that are attached to this article, the company walks around showing the key components that were tested and later decked in the phone. In the video below, you will be able to see the f/1.8 camera module with a five element lens which is a brilliant technical integration. Coming over to the icing on the cake, the LG G4 will be announced on 29th April 2015 and I expect it to be costlier than the Samsung Galaxy S6. I would expect LG to price it somewhere around Rs.63,000 to Rs.69,000/-.

LG is going to either have tough time selling the smartphones or the units might just sell like hot cakes because of the features and specifications. We wish LG all the best and we are beside them to support and encourage them in the future too.

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