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Reuters: Sony will cut 1000 jobs in the smartphone division

Sony Xperia E3As per the report on Reuters, Sony would be eliminating 1000 jobs in their smartphone business soon. The company is expected to officially announce this on 2nd February 2015 during the declaration of their earnings. The work-force elimination will take place in Europe and China. People who work in Sony from Europe and China would be loosing their jobs within a few days. Due to the elimination of the jobs in the company, the staff working at Sony will shrink by 30%. The company can now invest in other sectors to develop more technologies. There will be more opportunities for the company to work on.

Even though Sony has been churning out quality smartphones and tablets, the company has struggled to keep up with the competition from the likes of Samsung, Apple and various other Chinese manufacturers.  The company is open to options to turn the shrinking business around which would include a sale or a joint venture in the near future. We would be glad to see Sony collaborating with another firm/company to come up with something new and adorable. It is not the end for Sony as the are exercising a measure that would sustain their pride and credibility in all markets. We had a meeting with one of the Sony Mobile India Product Trainer last month where he explained all our YouTube subscribers about the Alpha range of DSLR Cameras. The event was held at Panjim Inn, Panjim, Goa, India. Sony is also planning to launch a 12.9 inch tablet this year. What will happen now ??

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