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Mayur Nagvekar (Nokia X2 Valentines Day 2015 Winner)

[Winner] Nokia X2 for your Valentine

Mayur Nagvekar (Nokia X2 Valentines Day 2015 Winner)

The Nokia X2 Giveaway for Valentines’s Day 2015 has been quite good even though we did not get the response we expected. We had to pre-pone the Giveaway Winner as there was no much interaction on our various social networks. We thank all for spreading the word and taking part in the Giveaway. The lucky winner of the Nokia X2 Valentine Giveaway is Mr.Mayur Nagvekar. He visited our office after receiving the smartphone just to thank us as he can now surprise his Valentine with the gadget. He shared with us his experience about Android and various other mobile operating systems.

Mr.Mayur Nagvekar says;

I used to wonder what is Android and when I saw my colleagues buying well equipped smartphones, I was surprised. I still use a very outdated Sony smartphone that does not run Android. I am planning to purchase the Sony Xperia M2 anytime this month. The Nokia X2 will truly be a nice gift for my Valentine as she was raking up money to purchase a good smartphone. She will not have to buy a mobile now. I have completed her wish by winning this smartphone. I am happy that is hosting such giveaways that allow people to take part and win a smartphone/tablet. I have been supporting your website and sharing news updates since October 2014.

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